Friday, April 08, 2011

Precious Memories….

Last week in the FBC Abilene weekly First Words there was a tiny little ad for a State Senior Citizen Choir Festival to be held at our Church - and by the way Cynthia Clawson would be presenting a concert on Thursday Night! I was so excited and set out to find someone to go with me to hear her - NO ONE KNEW WHO SHE WAS! I thought to myself "Where did you grow up and what rock have you been under?" So off to the concert I went, all by myself - I did not care I loved hearing every note and every word. She said that next week her and her husband  Ragan Courtney would be traveling to Nashville to perform the Musical "Celebrate LifeCynthia_Clawson" it is the 40th anniversary of it being written. I sat there and could NOT believe it had been that long! Where had the days gone- wasn't it just yesterday we sang that at Glorietta? If you are in the Nashville area go to FBC Nashville and hear it and you even get to sing along - How fun that would be to sing it again. I thought of all of you last night - she opened the concert with Precious memories - tears were in my eyes for sure as I remembered all the precious memories of our days as Youth of FBC Abilene


  Celebrating Life to the fullest!

          Molly B


Melinda said...

I loved Cynthia! So glad you got to hear her! Those are some of the best memories I have! Made me start thinking about Ken Medema and Moses....we (Tom) was really out of the box at that time and I praise God I was able to be a part of it!

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