Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Fathers World…

Does a song ever come to your mind when you are doing a every day chore? I pretty much have a song for every occasion in my life – like a musical constantly playing in my mind – funny huh? I guess I grew up with watching every musical made. I have discovered that life is not a musical with happy endings and life always making you want to dance, but still I have a song in my heart and live in my little happy world – and I am happy there and so is every one else. A girl can pretend right?

When I am in my garden it is pretty much my happiest place on earth. I am constantly reminded how amazing My God is and I love to watch the miracles he creates. The song I am constantly singing in my mind and sometimes out loud is” This is my Fathers World” a good ole Baptist hymn I grew up with.

My daughter in law Erica has changed the way she views our world and the way we eat and  where our food comes from. She has started a blog  A Heart of Grun it is a blog about her journey into living organically – going Green!Check it out- I have learned so much and changed many of my habits.

It has got me thinking a lot about how we treat our Fathers World and what we are doing to it. We are stewards of his world – are we treating it with like the miracle it is? Are we caring  for it like he cares for us? Are we leaving it to our grandchildren like our grandparents left it to us?

I think NOT!

I have changed the way I treat our world – I want Drew and Callie to live a healthful and abundant life in this beautiful world that God made us. I am now using  NO chemicals in my garden – only organic ways to garden and it is FUN! I will be sharing some of the tricks I have found – you might laugh but it WORKS and I am saving Gods World in doing it.

                   Taking care of our Fathers World

                               Molly B


yarger gal said...

Love this post and agree gardening is very therapeutic!

I ffound the cutest little yard signs with lady bugs that say "pesticide free zone"....we definitely need a few for the family!

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