Sunday, April 03, 2011

Opening day for the Little Red Devils…..

Oh what a fun night Friday was watching our little red devil – he really is an ANGEL! I have NEVER seen a baseball game so cute – and I have seen just a few being the mom of 2 boys and nephews, some weeks there would be 2 games a night every night except Sunday. My boys did not play at 2 1/2 years old but Drew is playing and doing amazing! He hits the ball, runs and kicks the dirt really well!He even ran to the fence to get high fives from all of us when he ran into home. He had the largest group of fans there for sure – Great Grandparents Yarger, Uncle Ben, Danny & Roseann, Megan, his mom Erica and 2 of his biggest fans Callie and Me(Grammy) We had quite a cheering section! Josh played on the field with him and kept him on track watching the plays of the game. I can’t wait till Tuesday to go cheer again for my little Red Devil.

My kind of baseball game – no umpires, no scores,no outs, everyone gets to bat and try to field the ball and the Dads play along – a perfect baseball game! I can not wait to watch Drew play ball for the next say 20 years – maybe he will play for the Rangers someday –A Grammy can dream!
In the meantime “ Lets play ball”


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