Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jet has landed…….

I have had the most exciting week so far. I am now a Great Aunt other wise known as Aunty M! Sarah and Joes little Jet arrived Tuesday March 29 at 4:30 weighing in at 7 lbs and  20 inches. It was a long day waiting all the way down here in Texas when they are up in Washington DC. Our family is one that try's not to miss anything that happens in our lives – we are always there to cheer and encourage and love each other – but this time we were thousands of miles apart. I do love the world we live in now full of texting ,facebook and cell phones we can communicate even miles apart. Gran B left early this morning to go meet the newest member of her family – I think he already has her wrapped around his finger. I warned him this morning he was about to meet one crazy grand-ma but she would always be in his corner! It is really hard for me to believe the girl I watched grow up and love through the years is now a Mother- I just can’t wrap my head around that- where have the years gone.  Sarah and Joe will be amazing parents – I can’t wait to watch the party of 3!

          Happy Birthday Jet !!

    I loved you before you were born!

              Welcome to the Brown Family-

                          Aunty M

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The past 2 days I have been at a slumber party! First one in –oh about 35 years- but boy was it fun-fun! My friend Jana invited 16 friends to a send off slumber party for our dear friend Roxanne. She will soon leave us all behind and swoop into Temple and those folks will never know what hit them. A couple of months ago I wrote about the Friends that God sent my way – Roxanne is definitely one that left a BIG mark on my life. I was thinking about the marks she left on me lately…..

  • This 3rd generation Eagle rooted for the Cooper Cougars for the last several years- All because her husband was the head coach-hehe
  • She taught me to paint- one thing off my bucket list- I had always wanted to paint a picture and -by gosh-I DID IT! And not just one but several.
  • She describes herself as a cheerleader and she has been my cheerleader for sure- I hear her voice a lot in my head saying-YOU CAN DO IT!
  • She has Prayed me through some of the lowest days- And she is cheering me on to be the Godly women God has created me to be.

  Some people come into your life …and you are never the same…. I will never be the same because of my friend-Roxanne.

16 girls came together to spend a couple of days with our friend and share one more laugh. Slumber parties for 50+ are a little different than when you are 17!

  • Instead of talking about other kids we talked about our grandkids.
  • Instead of makeup trends – we compared home remedies for aches and pains.
  • Instead of talking about boys – we talked about the husbands we have and some we have lost.
  • Instead of griping about our parents – we talked about how we missed them now that they have gone home to  live with Jesus.
  • Instead of taking a walk to happen by some boys house –we took a nature walk to enjoy the birds, butterflies, goats and chickens and cute houses.
  • Instead of telling made up scary stories we told real life stories that WILL scare the jammies off you.
  • We reminded each other to take care of ourselves and have our check ups and stay healthy for our families and each other.

We talked, laughed,talked,cried, talked, laughed and had one great time with each other. Thanks Jana- I praised God all the way home this morning for the wonderful friends God has blessed me with.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A mini Spring Break….

Spring fever has certainly taken a bite out of me! No Spring break for me – boo so I just took a mini one this weekend. Let me show you what I did!

Welcomed spring to my little heaven on earth – my patio

DSC02994 DSC02985

Played a little baseball with my favorite all star- He even yelled “ good job Grammy ”for  me when I hit the ball - I have NEVER had such a sweet compliment before in my whole life! 

baseball5_thumb baseball3_thumb[1]

                      pictures by his mom Erica

And just spent some free time daydreaming of the spring to come –watching my little baseball player and  getting my hands in the dirt!

      Hope you have a Spring Break kind of week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Happy Place

Happy Day to you all… This room just makes me smile. I LOVE  the Red against the yellow walls. This was a front bedroom – never used since my children all live in town. My sis needed a extra bed so my wonderful old bed got a new home and I got a happy sitting room. I think this will be a great place for my grandchildren to hang out and play, in the years to come. I had such fun doing this room and all I did was move stuff from the living room to the new yellow room. Only one new thing in this room – I will share with you next time.I did the happy dance all the way home with this find!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Living in a new room….

Just wanted to share a few more views of the new room. And my favorite- the mantel – thanks to Laurieannas for new signs and inspiration! I am loving the calmness I get in the room.

Next time friends I will show you my Happy Red room – I told you – I would never get rid of my RED!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I did it my way…

Redoing a room( or 2 )can be expensive if you go out and buy new stuff. I couldn’t do that so I had real fun in doing it my way -on a very cheap budget. I shopped around my house and all the sale bins. I had a blast doing it that way – kind of a little game to see how cheap you can do it. Let me show you…

004 FP920_main

        pillows I made                               Ballards

I ordered 1 yard of  fabric from Ballards –Document fabric- and made 4 pillows for $25.00. I pieced some of my fabric  scraps together and embroidered  2 pillows to look a little like the one I liked from Ballards-free.

RR487_main  021

   Ballard Rugs                                     Pier 1

I love the texture of jute or sea grass rugs but- expensive.I found this jute rug at Pier 1 regular $69.00 got it for $25.00! I did the happy dance all the way home.

021 AB119_main

  Baskets from Kmart                     Ballard

I loved the look of the natural baskets under this white table so I set out to find some similar and MUCH cheaper – Hello KMART! I got all four for what one cost at Ballards.


                 Brown paper instead of paint

   I have always had a thing about brown paper –like the shipping paper or grocery bags. I decided to line the back of my shelves and that made the black and white stuff really pop! Plus it makes my heart happy to look at it. One roll of paper from Hobby Lobby $3.99 cheaper than a gallon of paint. See the books tied up in the shelf?  I bought 4 for $1.00 from the goodwill and I tore off the covers to just see the pages. I didn’t stop to see what the books were about or I might stop and read one – no time for that I have rooms to redo!

         Next time –my mantle – I am loving it!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Before and After….

Good bye RED hello – soothing ,calm colors! Don’t worry I will show you what I did with all my RED I love it even better now!


                                 Before and After





005 010


020 029


       Love this sign -I intend to do Just that – thank you!