Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Got a letter I need? I have become addicted to playing scrabble. Yes you can play it with one person. Just me and my laptop going head to head night after night. I have thought up more words lately than I really want to think of. I have letters and words running through my head constantly….. someone please make the letters leave me alone! HEHE61707482_tp Oh well it really is fun and I read it keeps my mind active – as if it needs anymore activity. If only I would get addicted to walking…… I can spell it -WALKING

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old is new again…..

Our Mother taught us to share with one another. I wonder if she meant things in our homes? Brenda and I decided to redo our mantels and we each needed what the other had to really make the change. So we Shared what we had and what was old to us –is now new! having a Sister comes in very handy!

DSC01410 My old mantel

DSC02135 Brenda's new one

DSC02166 My new mantle

DSC02168 And new wall-mirror and frames from Brenda's old mantle.

Now we are both happy and did not spend a penny-       Gotta love it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hot diggity Dog….

Fall was in the air tonight and I got such a craving for a good ole fashion Hot Dog….Mine was a little different because I made mine with crescent rolls-like pigs in a blanket.DSC02244

As I sat eating my delicious hot dogs I had such happy flash backs of the Hot dogs of my life. I bet many memories can come to you when you eat one too!

Child hood cook outs with my family – many at the lake cabin…those were the carefree days…..


Some of my favorite were eaten Here.


in Augsburg, Germany where I lived in the late 70s. They were the best in my life. Hot on my cold hands and made with wonderful German mustard and homemade brot(bread). I would plan my walk and shopping around going by the outside brat stand in front of Woolworth to buy my lunch.

250px-Woolworths_shop_frontage They were stuck down in the middle of this roll so you could carry them easily and I usually got them to drizzle Mustard on them.

seudk0002a Good Sausage roll….


Then all the hot dogs eaten at all the baseball games I have gone to.What is baseball without a Hot Dog?Such

fun days with 2 boys….44025017

I am not sure it is the taste or all the memories it brings back to you that makes eating a hot dog so good…

Funny what A meal will do for you-huh? Oh the places it will take you- memories you can hold on to,for a lifetime.

Buy some dogs the next time you are at the Grocery – it will do you good-Turkey ones anyway!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Supper around the table?????


Well our family get together have hit the Tech world. This last Sunday night we all got together for our usual Labor Day cookout. We were minus – Josh,Erica & Drew and Sarah and Joe, Megan and Clark. So we got the idea that we could DSC02242 set up the laptop by the table and all visit with each other via skype on the internet – it is so cool to be able to talk –see each other and join in conversation. We have to get the rest of the family on line with it so we really can have our family get together even sometimes separated by miles!!

I love this computer world!!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Drews One-derful Party

(as told to my grandma Molly)

My parents don’t monkey around when they planned my first Birthday Party. It was a Monkey theme and there were monkeys hanging everywhere. But don’t take my word for it come on in and see just what we did on my very first Birthday Party.


I think my parents are the very best parents around – God chose just the perfect ones for me -they rock ! They have taken such good care of me this past year.


Man look at all the stuff on the table- presents, Cake and of course some monkeys! They like to call me their little monkey – I guess pretty soon I can start climbing some trees. Maybe my dad can help me….


My mom bought me this really cute monkey face – (but not very tasty )cake . They let me dig in – but I was a little confused because I really don’t like all that gooey cake icing on my fingers. I really liked using the cake decorations to eat with.


DSC02205 I ‘m just not sure about this – I have always tried to stay clean for you Mom…

DSC02204 You want some Dad ? I think I like my bananas better than this….

DSC02212 Oh what I do for these crazy people. I wonder why they are all taking so MANY pictures of me?


OK I have had enough of this mess – I am ready for some presents …. bring them on!!!


WOW mom I sure like all my presents – I just want to stop and read a little bit? CAN we?


I sure am glad Grandma Molly gave me this big wagon to hold all my presents…. I sure liked riding in it too! Oh the fun I will have with my very own new wheels.

DSC02230 Thanks Mom for planning such a fun first Birthday party for me. I sure am lucky to have 2 wonderful parents, 5 Grandparents, 5 great- grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles there too! I made sure to hug everyone and give out my wet kisses….

DSC02191 It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!


Thanks Grandma Molly for telling all about my party.. you sure do love me and squeeze me real hard when you have to go home. I will see you soon and we can go on some more walks with my new red radio flyer wagon!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Drew is One-derful!



Can you believe that my grandson is ONE! What an amazing year it has been watching him grow and become the sweet little boy he is today. My son told me on the day that Drew was born that my life would never be the same- I would join the elite group of Grandmothers ………Oh it was so true…..

I have just been in awe of him and his happy little personality. He has brought more joy to my life than I could ever imagine.

One of the joys of this past year has been watching my son-Josh and his sweet wife become Parents. They are beyond amazing. I really don’t know how I ever was a mom. I have learned so much about development of a baby and what they learn when,etc. I think I just mothered on a wing and a BIG prayer!hehebeachdrew One Year and Many,many more to come watching him and loving every detail about him! I love you Drew Bear….Happy 1st Birthday !

Off to Celebrate this weekend with the little monkey!