Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wednesday...B- Day!!!!

Wednesday September 3, 2008 Baby yaya will join our family. After waiting -its seems like a eternity- the doctor will induce and nudge our baby out into the world. Some might say it will fit right in our family - a little stubborn, I like to think its very independent! Josh and Erica are ready and resting up for a very exciting and exhausting week. I told Josh this weekend - sleep now- come Wednesday you will never sleep again!

I am all ready to go on Tuesday night to welcome my grandbaby into this world. My car is full of gas, Camera charged and ready to snap photos, suitcase packed,phone charged and ready to make all the calls, end of month reports done and sent, store ladies ready to take charge in my absence , bella packed and ready to spend time with Brenda and doodles. All I need to get ready now is my heart. I have been so weepy lately thinking about this child and the responsibility of being a Godly grandmother. This baby won't have grandparents like I had or my boys had. But it will be loved by many,many family members and friends. There are all sorts of families and ours is a little different than what I was raised in - but still full of love. I know God will bless this child with just the right amount of love he/she will need. I have thought back on the last 9 months and relived and found more joy in these last months than I have had in a long time.

The day after Christmas when Josh/Erica called to tell me the news and I found myself laughing and crying all at once. The hard part was I could not share the wonderful news till the middle of February! I did not tell any one - no one - not even my sister who I tell everything to. But the fun of telling everyone and seeing their reaction was worth the wait. I will cherish these months of getting ready for yaya - the sewing, the constant prayers I have said for him/her and Erica,the baby shower, painting the room with the 2 excited parents. Watching Josh/Erica get ready for this baby has been such a joy. I have never met 2 more ready to be parents. I have laughed at them for their questions - even Josh calling all in a panic wondering if they should have their son(if it is one) circumcised? He also asked what was that? and was I? Totally serious and very concerned they would do that to any boy!! I sometimes wondered in these months how I ever had 2 children because I learned things I didn't know - I guess ignorance is bliss! I love those 2 dearly and know their child will be very loved.

I feel like I am embarking on a journey no one has been before - not me anyway! I have thought alot about my parents lately and wished they could be here to share this joy. Their first great grandchild, what a legacy they have left for us and it goes on.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a Country Girl....

One of my favorite activities on Saturday Mornings this summer has been to visit our Farmers Market down town. Every week I buy -squash, tomatoes,green peppers and onions. I discovered THE best way to cook them-and fast too. So I wanted to share this recipe with you.

Farmers Market Squash

6 squash - wash and slice

1 large tomato sliced

1 Bell pepper - sliced

1 small onion - sliced

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

Layer all the vegetables and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or till squash is soft.

Enjoy and don't forget to visit your local farmers market!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Engagement Party....

Just like the stars of Texas ...Our celebration was Big and bright! We started off the wedding celebrating with a Engagement party for Sarah and Joe. The happy couple - looking forward to October 11

The cousins of course were there ....minus father to be Josh!

The little table decorations I made and filled with country flowers!
Fun was had by all 50 guests and we had a Texas size evening!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gold Medal Friend....

Bella- my friend greets me everyday when I pull in the driveway.After I change my clothes and catch my breath we go for our nightly walk . She loves to walk down Riverside just like a Olympic winner - prancing all the way. No one tell her she is not the Olympic Gold Medal Dog!

Monday, August 18, 2008

When life gives you lemons....

Make Lemonade....

The best medicine, besides prayer, for getting out of the dumps is to Create something with your hands. God blessed me with a creative spirit and I can always count on my ole friend to get me out of the valleys some days. After the week I have had I decided it was time to Create. And create I did! I Wall papered my bathroom first. Just love the way it turned out. Next I made centerpieces for my nieces engagement party on Saturday. And then I made centerpieces and wrote the yearbook for our Quaint Old Homes luncheon in September. Whew - I feel better every day. Thank you all so much for your prayers - they are being heard and answered . We are still walking step by step. My mom always told me when something is hard that just means it is worthwhile and worth giving it your all. The road to recovery is long and hard but I know God will take his hand and walk with him daily. Keep Ben in your prayers. He starts the outpatient program today.

Still no baby - 15 days and waiting.......

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A road not traveled....

This week I began a journey I never wanted to go on, I never had this trip maped out. My youngest son 26 checked himself into a Alcoholic rehab facility. I spent Monday afternoon in the ER with him because of the pain he was in ,trying to quit himself. If you have ever been in a ER and seen crazy people yelling at the top of their lungs at the people around them - I was in that picture on Monday. He was so ready for help. As mothers we hurt when our children hurt and cry when they cry-If I could go down this road for him - I would. By Tuesday he checked himself out, but once again cryed out for help to his Aunt Debbie who has been sober for 21 years. Her belief is God made her go down that road after the death of her 5 year old son so she can be there for Ben now. They have a special relationship that the 2 of them share in a great way especially now. He is back and we are now on day 3 - 3 days sobriety! We are taking one day and one minute at a time. With every breath I take it is a prayer for my Ben. That is why I want to share this with you. I have come to realize that most of my blog readers at great Women of faith. I have gleamed so much from each of you. And I know as a Mother you know my pain. I need your prayers because I believe without one doubt GOD is in control of this. I have seen his hand in the whole process - even getting him in the rehab - the director taught Sunday school with me for years and I know God placed her there just so she could Help us and others like she has done this week. I have 3 specific Prayer request for you - (1) For Ben to take one day,one minute at a time (2)God would open his heart,mind and ears to listen to him and counselors (3)He stays in the program.

God sent to me a precious employee-friend - Bobbi (she is a pastors wife)and this week she said to me -The valleys we go through make the mountain tops that much sweeter. I know in this month I will go from the lowest valley to the highest mountain with the birth of my grandbaby. God knew we would need a blessing at this time in our lives - Our baby will help my family see Hope, a future - and Joy and smiles again. I can say without a doubt - God is in control.

On my knees -

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer reading...

I have taken some time to enjoy some books this past 2 weeks and would love for you all to read these books. I know some of you have already, but if not- go immediately to the library or to your local book store and purchase these books. I bought mine because I felt like they were books I would want to pass on, and keep in my library later. I am not going to tell you about these books because I think I would give things away but it will make you think about your life and just how we live it. For me I am not the same after reading them.

Check out my book shelf on the side of my blog.
Happy reading!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturdays....Farmers Market

Early on Saturday Mornings it has become a tradition of sort to head to the farmers market to get some home grown - fresh veggies. I grew up with fresh vegetables grown by my grandparents and parents . I really want to have my own vegetable garden - maybe next summer. I think I have a place in my yard that gets enough sun to grow some tomatoes and squash. But till then I just support these hard working gardeners!

Nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich and a slice of fresh tomatoes! Visit your local farmers Market but leave some for me!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

On the road again...

I bought the most wonderful set of 4 tires this week. Just what a girl wants to spend money on-right? But I began thinking of all the places these babies will take me and I truly become hyper! Just think of the road trips to Canton(my favorite place on earth), Wimberly, Dripping Springs, Austin, Round Top and I want to go to Fort Davis and the Big Bend Nat. Park- never been there. Next summer back to Destin to lay on the beach and spend time with my family. In October they will take me to watch my niece Sarah get married. But most exciting is the trip within 4 weeks to witness the birth of my first Grandbaby. And that alone is worth all the money I spent on these 4 black wonders!! See you on down the road....