Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tweet visit…

Brenda and I have had special visitors check into our houses this week. Both have checked in to our baskets on our front porches. Brenda's little bird is a finch and mine is a wren. Both are precious and so fun to watch. They are BUSY little birdies! I decided today it is hard being a mother bird! Girls we have it easy!! hehe! I peeked out my door to try and catch the mom and tried so hard to look down in my basket but they are way down deep and very well protected – but chirping their little beaks off!!The mom and dad fly in and out all day long feeding their little family. It was so sweet – but hard work – they fed them ALL day long.

        My little mother wren…

DSC03013Brenda's little bird is still sitting on her eggs. They are the prettiest little blue eggs – 5 perfect little eggs- in a perfect little nest. 


Isn’t Gods world just amazing?! I am closest to God walking around my yard enjoying his perfect world.

I couldn’t decide today if I needed my clippers , trowel or my camera  the most. As I walked and worked my Clematis greeted me to a new day and Spring!


I cut the first roses today and brought them inside. I have never seen so many buds on my rose bushes – I can not wait for them to fully bloom to their Glory!!



     Thank you God for your Beautiful world……

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I’ll be in my Garden…

My favorite little bunny(Drew) was sick for Easter and didn’t get to make the trip to Grammys House – so I did my second favorite thing(#1 playing with Drew) I played in my Garden all day Saturday.


I mean from 9 to 9, I ate out on my patio all 3 meals! I could have just slept out there if I wasn’t a little scared to! hehe I decided a couple of weeks ago to move all my Galvanized Garden stuff to my little patio. I just love the look of it against a gray fence and the pop of the flowers in all their blooming glory!!

I had such fun walking around my yard gathering stuff and even in the house and garage. ItDSC02984 was like shopping at my own flea market!! It was a great feeling at the end of the day to know I had bought only two things to add to my collection of Galvanized junk! It may be a sign I have been to Canton tooooo many times- buy that’s another story. Any way drop by any time and sit a while in my little paradise!






Hope you are building your own little paradise that you can enjoy on these wonderful spring days.