Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tickled Pink….

Guess what friends! I am going to have a granddaughter. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful! We got the news on Friday and after Josh told me I squealed- cried and immediately bought PINK fabric.heheh. I have waited forever to have a baby girl in our family. Someone to have tea parties , and play dolls with but most of all sew darling little outfits for.I know I am beside myself. I still have 3 months to wait till I meet the little princess but we have a lot to get ready before she arrives.

Please pray for Erica and our little girl these next months ahead there is concern over the pregnancy but her doctor is staying on top of it and I know that God is in control and is holding Erica and our little girl in his arms.

Drew is going to be a wonderful big brother and is getting use to the pink coming his way!!


In the meantime I have Pink quilts, burp cloths and receiving blankets to sew to welcome our

                               baby girl!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A darling touch…

I was watching Martha one day and she had a guest that made these darling little flowers made from none other than Pipe cleaners! Who knew they could turn into such cuteness!! I had to try my hand at it of course and I just love them…. wouldn’t they be cute on a jacket or in your hair… or in a arrangement or just laying around?Check out the how to and make some for yourself!



Have fun making some of these little wonders….

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zoo-pendous Time…..

Spring break… and I got to get away for a couple of days to spend with my favorite little guy at the Ft. Worth Zoo. Oh the fun we had and the animals we saw.Drew loved every animal and every little child that walked past him. He even roars like the lions-too cute!

DSC02942 his little finger was very busy pointing at every thing he saw…

DSC02946 Hey Grammy what is that? they sure have long legs!!

DSC02967 This goat likes to chew on everything just like me….

DSC02961 Mr. Kangaroo we sure had fun talking with the animals today.

        Hope you had a zoo-pendous Spring Break!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Living a Artful life…..

I have 3 official Artist Friends.I would venture to say none of them think they are true “artist” but I do.

“All children are artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up.” Piccaso

These 3 amazing women have remained artist even when they grew up!! They all live in my little town and each has a studio. I have been so blessed to call them friend – they have inspired me to be the artist I always wanted to be – they have helped me find my child within…. Let me introduce you to them now.

hartley          Hartley King              

My niece Sarah introduced me to Hartley about 2 1/2 years ago. One night Sarah invited her mom(Brenda) and me to go to a Art talk at the Center for Contemporary art to hear her new friend Hartley speak of her Deployment paintings. She is a Air Force wife and was going through a deployment at the time – being away from her husband for 6 – 9 months. She painted a group of paintings titled “deployment” using folding chairs to symbolize being left behind. I just have to tell you how her talk and seeing those pictures touched my heart – several times that evening I wiped away the tears. I could not wait to meet her after the talk and exhibit and as they say the rest is History. She has been adopted by our family as her and Sarah went through their husbands deployment together 2 more times. I have been so blessed to see what she works on and I love her style.She teaches middle school art and don’t you know what a blessing she is to those students…


Mary Gregory ..I met many years ago quite by accident(if their is such a thing in Gods World) Her family bought my family Lake House and every time I ran into her we visited a bit. I did not know just what an amazing artist she was. She wins the sweetest person award by me ( if their was one) hehe I have never met a nicer person and oh so talented.I got to visit her home and studio this past fall and I know where she gets her inspiration and strength.

mary2 These are two of her newest paintings… Love them.


I could have just moved in with her- I wonder if she would have noticed me among the cows and chickens?

I bought this little painting of the red flower from her and I love it. It makes me smile every time I see it.

My other artist friend I call my teacher.

Roxanne Spradlin

The first time I walked in Roxanne's home I knew I was among a Kindred spirit. I remember thinking I have GOT to meet this women and make her my friend.HEHe Turns out she did become my friend and I have loved seeing her bloom into the artist she is today. Before I really knew her I kept seeing this darling bird nest paintings in my favorite shops in town and found out they were her paintings. I told myself then -I would own one of these one day- and the day came when she painted one just for me … I love my bird nest painting and the wonderful words to the song… HIS eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches over me…

She paints wonderful pictures of her Texas she loves…

I love the country gate…. and those cotton fields.

This is her darling studio where she creates and shares her love of painting with others. She made my dream come true last fall when I got to  take classes from her. Oh what a blessing that was!!

So you see – I am truly blessed to call these 3 precious women – friend- They inspire me to be all that God created me to be…. to live a creative and artful Life….

Take a minute or two and visit their blogs/sites-

just click on each one and be ready for pure JOY!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My favorite artist…

I so admire artist…always wanted to be one myself…Others call me that… but I don’t feel worthy of the name….I think there are 2 kinds of artist…. artist with a God given talent and ones that developed into artist…. I might be the last?… I am certain a person can become a artist with the passion and love of creating something wonderful…..

Some of my favorites that totally inspire me to become the artist I would like to be….



    Love her whimsy and MaryEnscan-11happy colors







Curly girl designs….speak to me….


“The world is full of people who will go their Whole lives and not actually day.She did not intend on being one of them”

I need to remember this daily! REALLY LIVE.. LET YOUR SPIRIT SOAR….

Kelly Rae Roberts

Love her collages ….

DSC02871 DSC02872

Next – the artist that inspire me in my little world…

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A little Hope….

I was walking around my yard yesterday-looking for old friends to give me just a little hope…..

          Spring is coming….don’t give up!


   To everything there is a season……

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sew…what’s up?

I have been spending some evenings in my sewing room and loving every minute of it!! just wanted to share my  miniature sewing machines with you, I have collected for years(long before they got expensive)I just love looking at them …. enjoy!! Me + sewing room= happy