Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you


For the sacrifices that every person has made that has worn the uniform of an American soldier.Our thanks is not enough for the freedoms you have fought for . Some have made the ultimate sacrifice –their life , others come home to never be the same – all for each of our freedoms -we so often take for granted. Say a prayer of thanks for each one of these brave men and women and their families today. We are so Blessed …


Memorial Day!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Party Girls….


Today is my Birthday – Don’t you just love your special day that you were born? I have always loved having a birthday – not for the presents but just the fun of it being YOUR day. I have had a lot of birthdays – 53 to be exact- EEKKKK! but you know I still feel the same as when I turned 17 and my wonderful friends gave me a surprise Party….


yep that’s me with the cake in front of me- no store bought cake for me – no way –Homemade and yummy!

My favorite birthday- for sure was my 31st birthday- the day my niece Anna Grace was born. I have a niece born on the 27th of May and the 4th of June – all I asked for was a little girl born on MY day – Anna did the job! What a fun day that was – she was the 4th child for my sister and the last child born in our family. I could not ask for a more precious niece to share my special day.

Happy Birthday Anna! Your 22 years old today and turning into a beautiful young lady !


Well I am off to kick up my heals- if only I could-hehe and do a little celebrating with my family. Looking forward to many more birthdays to come….

Saturday, May 29, 2010

keepin up with....


I have a dear friend that can grow the most amazing Hydrangeas I have EVER seen. So I have decided I would plant 3 this year and pray over them daily - I do believe that is what it will take to make them grow like Kayes. I am so loving watching them grow - Ok I have only had them 1 week but oh a girl can dream.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Hico….

Last Saturday my friends and I (Kaye, Amy and Christy) headed down the road a bit to a lovely little town. Our day was full of fun and laughs and everything sweet. the charming store Homestead hosted the 2 day event – it reminded me of the tents at Roundtop.

scan0001 We saw some amazing vendors and got so excited just entering the tent . We were like 4 girls in a candy store! Some of our favorites were Willownest scan0002 This is a darling store in Waco! tooo cute – go if you are in the neighborhood.


Sweet Pea is a darling store in Athens. We decided our next trip to Canton might just have to detour us by Sweet Pea!

We saw some wonderful vendors from the Lonestar Antique mall in Ft. Worth and decided on our trip home that would be our next big day adventure…when the 3 of them get back from LA, Hawaii, Savannah and Ashville. I felt a little jealous of the fun places they would be going this summer. Oh well –none of the 3 is getting a granddaughter this summer so I WIN!! HEHE

Our day was not complete without lunch at a famous Texas eating spot.



We agree with this sign that it was one of the best burgers ever! Home made buns was the icing on the cake or should I say PIE! they are also famous for their Pie. We were so full from lunch we had to walk and shop some more before the pie. The waitresses laughed at us when we went back in for round 2!! But oh was it worth it! We chose Chocolate with mile high meringue, fresh strawberry and Banana/blueberry. We decided we would share and taste all the ones we chose. My favorite (much to my amazement) was the banana/blueberry.YUMMY! If that was not enough sweet for one day we walked across the street for some chocolate at Wiseman Chocolates.

scan0004 Ok – let me just say I have NEVER tasted chocolate so good! That is something coming from my mouth and coming from the daughter of Miz Bs fudge! I know my mom would agree- the different thing about it was salt sprinkled on top! Just enough to have that salt/choc combo- YumYum!

Nothing like spending a day with good friends…They make me laugh and add so much sweetness to my world!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lost in the clouds…

I look at my blog and realize I have not blogged in almost a month? I think my head has been in the clouds.WHAT have I been doing? My time fly's when you are having fun and keeping your hands busy. Let me share a few of the things I have been doing.

Spending lots of time in my garden- I love being outside this time of year. My flowers are outdoing their selves this year. I have picked myself soooo many bouquets of roses(a dozen one day) I have never had this many wonderful blooms to choose from.

I come home from work and stay outside till bedtime- just enjoying the wonderful evenings.

Last weekend my favorite little guy came to visit and off we went to the Air show at Dyess. Drew Loved the airplanes and took them all in-

His favorite word was “WOW”and with the cutest little surprised look on his face. The thunderbirds were amazing once again. We had a great time watching the planes but mostly watching Drew !

I have been working more on my painting and have had two more classes. We have such a good time and I am learning so much! I am just about ready to try a painting on my own. The thing I have enjoyed the most is the way I now look at things around me and wonder if I could paint it. It has made me pay attention to my world a little more. Here are my latest two paintings.

      Texas Bluebonnets……Hydrangea in a glass

Today was our final luncheon of the year of Quaint Old Homes –it was so much fun-as always. Our little committee decided on the theme of “Shoes”. Everyone wore their favorite pair of shoes. Shoes were everywhere from cookies to centerpieces to paper shoes I made as favors. It was a wonderful day-

So you see friends I haven’t been in the clouds the whole time – just spending my time creating some other things! I have missed visiting – I will try to stay out of the garden and share the fun things in my life-

                        Happy May