Friday, January 28, 2011

Just in time for Valentines Day…

I love to go to parties and  have parties…. Just give me a reason and I am right there! Valentines day is a great day to celebrate - great loves or with the greatest of friends. If you will click on the tab at top under parties I will share some of my favorite little parties I have hosted or have been invited to attend.

amy%20barickman%20FabricValentine-thumb          OK girls- lets get busy planning your special

                                        Valentines Day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing a future….

Back from Bernina Land other wise known as Chicago. I had a wonderful (cold) week but very glad I live in Warm Texas. I am VERY grateful that I work for such a wonderful sewing machine company like Bernina. When I had my quilt shop I was a Bernina dealer and sold the machines then. I closed my store  11 years ago now and ended my time of selling Berninas. Never did I think, that I would end up  again selling the machines I love so much. I always told my friends that I just wished Bernina would open a store and let me run it. That is exactly what happened to me – they opened a cooperate Bernina Store inside Hancock fabrics and I was hired to Manage it.That was 4 years ago next week. I truly believe it was an answer to prayer for me and once again the Lord planning my life in a wonderful way. I have worked very hard at building the business up so Bernina would be proud and I could keep my job – I reached one of my goals last week! My store was the 4th highest in sales for 2010.I received a nice plaque from the President of Bernina

   I was very excited-to say the least- I have always set goals for myself and worked very hard in accomplished them throughout my life. Goals are sometimes very hard to reach – but this time we did! Yes I have made another goal now of being Number 1 this year – we will see.
Sewing has been a great friend in my life – I can forget everything when I am sewing and creating something darling- hehe. Sometime ago I ran across a saying that just spoke to me and something I needed as I was forced to recreate my life.
“The Best way to predict your future is to CREATE it.”
I am so thankful Gods plan included me working for Bernina once again it is definitely a future I am creating.
       HAPPY SEWING !!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bernina Land here I come…

Off to Chicago for a week of inspiration, Learning, exchanging ideas with 17 other Managers, Meetings, Dining, More Meetings, and FUN! I am blessed to work for amazing company who love to treat their employees like the Princessess we are- HEHE
Not looking forward to the COLD and I pray they don’t get 12 inches of snow like one year I went- But we will be warm inside our wonderful Conference Center. So Long Texas for a while – I’ll be sure to say plenty of YALLS !


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gods Guest list….

One of my favorite authors is Debbie Macomber.
You can visit her sight and check out all her wonderful books full of stories that will inspire & entertain.
Her latest book I picked up at the library right before Christmas – I went looking for a Christmas novel to read over the holidays – I can’t get enough sappy stories at Christmas! HEHE But I really felt like God lead me to this book at this time in my life. Don’t you love when that happens?
godsguestlist In her book Debbie talks about  the guest  God has placed  in her life. I like to think about it as the guest at your table of life. We have MANY guest in our lives, but some leave a lasting mark on our lives. When I think about the guest that have walked into my life –I think about the wonderful gifts they brought with them. Most guest are wonderful and loving – unfortunately some only bring heart ache and pain. But they walk in –good or bad.
I want to share with you some of “Gods guest list” to my life. These are just a few but some I have thought a lot about lately.
When you look back on life some things get very clear why the guest entered your life –right when we needed them -most of the time we don’t know it till much later in life.

My great aunt Peggy and my friend Leslie taught me how to be single. My aunt was widowed at a early age, but she was a very independent woman who lived life to the fullest and to the very end. She stood on her own two feet and took care of herself. We had a special bond that now I understand – she was teaching me how to be my own woman. Leslie was a  divorced young lady when I met her. She was creative and did anything she wanted(or so I thought) –She was FUN! She too stood on her own feet and was self sufficient. Looking back they are probably the only two single women that have been” guest “ in my life.I think of them often and the way they lived their lives – I hope I can do as well at this single life.

My friends Larry and Lavon entered my life when I was 15 years old. They have walked beside me in EVERY good and bad thing in my life. I can not imagine my life without them. They came into my life as Youth directors in High School and have remained family for the past 37 years. There is nothing that I can not share with them that I know within a minute prayers will be lifted up and love sent my way. What amazing guest to my life they have been.

Kaye entered my life one fall day – she needed a place to move her store and moved in over night into mine. We became friends- kindred spirits. She knows some of my deepest hurts and has loved me through them.  She held my hand as I walked through some of the darkest days of my life. She has been by my side in the past few weeks and helped me go back to the church that I love – she sat beside me and made me feel like I “belonged” once again.Isn’t it crazy that the hardest place to go when you are hurting is to church – I  walked alone with God but the fellowship of other Christians has been so healing. I will always be grateful for God sending her as one of my Guest.

Doris is my special angel that God sent to me in December. I have only met her once but she left a lasting mark on my life. The Monday before Christmas I was invited to a friends home to celebrate Jesus Birth. What I didn’t realize is God sent me a guest to redirect my life. Doris is one of the most Godly Black woman I have ever met. She could stand before any church and preach for hours with every word coming  from her heart. I shared what had been going on in my life and the hurts that life brings and she grabbed me up in a bear hug and prayed over me in a way I will never forget. Her and God breathed a new life in me and I left that day as a new woman in Christ. I will never forget my special Guest Angel.

I could go on for hours about the other “Guest” God has placed in my life –isn’t he amazing in the way he holds our life in his hands and has every detail planned – even the guest he sends our way. Take a minute and thank God for the guest he has placed in your life.
Friends YOU are all guest in my life and I love and thank you for making the journey with me !

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A shout out to the girls….

I love this blog world and the little visits you get to have with friends. I have several friends that are just starting off their lives as wives, mothers and creative women. I am constantly amazed at the creative lives they live. I have known  these girls since they were little girls playing with dolls – Ok maybe not Katy- she was playing softball! It has been such a pleasure to watch them grow into the young women they are today. By visiting their blogs I can peek in to their lives and keep up with their precious families. Stop by for a visit sometime and see what creative little mothers they are-
-blog title
Katy is my name sake-Molly Katherine- it has been such a joy to watch her become a mother and such a fun one at that!! perfect for a little boy
Annalee was one of my nieces Sarah's best friends growing up and we shared another connection in that her mom and me were childhood friends back in elementary school.
Brittney grew up in our church –like her mom-I can not remember not knowing the Davis/Broyles. Her mom Kay Rita taught all of our children in 3 year old Sunday school and the creative genes were certainly past down to Brittney!
I love the way God has made these 3 young women into amazing mothers- isn’t it fun to watch our children grow up? I believe it is one of the blessings of getting older…..

Monday, January 10, 2011

The calming effect of White….

You all know I live in a house of Color-lots of Red and lots of White-and you are right Amy it is a Happy house. I love the calming effect of white in a home – don’t  you? I will say it is kind of hard to pull off the wonderful look of all white –just try it and you will see. I keep a file of homes I love and I ran across these lately and they just made me feel  cool and calm – just what I needed on a cold night. Enjoy!

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httpmaryruffle_tumblr_compage7 LLL_home_monty2[1]

me18 me20


     I would love to have lunch at this table with a few of my best friends!

Wishing you calm days ahead-

Thursday, January 06, 2011

A visit to a Happy House…..

Today was Quaint Old Homes at Sharon's House and I just wanted to move on in! I have never been in a house that felt that happy with all the bold colors and sunlight shinning through the big windows. She is an amazing decorator and has such a way with color and NO fear in using them. Let me give you a peek at the

Happy House

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The best of 2010…

I always like to look back to see where I have come from and where I am headed. I have had some wonderful things happen to me in 2010 and I take these special memories with me on my journey into 2011-
      Top 12 events of the year looking back….
January- Josh & Erica opened their first
Pharmacy in Albany
March – Ft.Worth Zoo with Drew
DSC02967 April- Paint Classes continued – I loved it! Thanks Roxanne
May – was full of gardening – my favorite time of year
DSC03044 June – A visit from my niece Sarah and her Joe – family time
DSC03198 JULY- best month all year – because Callie Jane was born into our family – what a blessing that little girl is!

August – Was the BIG move for  Josh and Erica to Abilene- DSC03161 Birds moved into my little basket on my door and I got to teach altered books at the Grace Museum

September – We celebrated Drews 2nd Birthday!
DSC03397October – High Cotton Art Camp was a great part of my year – looking forward to next year!
High Cotton winnerNovember – fall was such fun with my grandchildren and children
DSC03529   DSC03555
December – Time with ALL my family – what a blessed Month it was
2010 Brought many joys –As you can tell from the Pictures my year revolved around my sons and their families. They are my two favorite people and I am so blessed to have them close to home once again.
With a new Year comes many new adventures in the life of Molly B- I have finally left some baggage behind and I am Pressing on into 2011!
My year will be full of family, friends, lots of laughter, trips to Canton, Chicago,Washington DC and hopefully Destin ,More Art and Art Camp,Gardening,A great nephew in the spring, fun times with drew and callie. Above all- I am pressing on to the woman God wants me to be- I am ready to see the plans he has for me as I walk beside him. No more looking back I am welcoming my future-
                             Welcome 2011!