Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Words to live by Wednesday…

I just finished the book  “The Help” and I loved it – One thing I think we can all remember to tell our children daily one, two or one hundred times is this


Tell yourselves for that matter…..

Happy Wednesday friends…..

Molly B

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Mountain is waiting….


There are two places on this earth that bring me peace. The Ocean and the Mountains- to see Gods handiwork in his creation is just a very peaceful thing to me. And guess what? I have some Mountains waiting for me to come visit again. I have not been to the Mountains in about 11 years- . And I am going this week. I saw this on pinterest and it spoke volumes to me and made me think of the SMELL of the Mountains – can’t you just smell it?

114562892_TQTjZDe0_c It’s the Pinion wood burning in the fireplaces  that make that wonderful smell that takes me back to times of great memories. I grew up going to Glorietta every summer of my childhood- it was our family vacation destination . I continued the tradition with my sons and we all have some great memories there. When I told them I was going they both let out this long sigh and both said “Oh how I love that place- we have to go again soon” It is time for them to start the tradition of taking there children to the mountains and Glorietta. Santa Fe is right next to Glorietta and such a fun place to visit – so different from where I live.

So off I go to climb a mountain, smell the smell, walk the streets of Santa Fe, eat amazing Mexican food, enjoy seeing the Indian Market, the Farmers Market – but most of all

   Enjoy Gods Beautiful Mountains……

                I’ll tell them hello for you-

                                      Molly B   

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love the The Windy City…

My trip to Chicago was so much fun this year because my friend Tari and I stayed a extra day to finally SEE Chicago!

We saw a lot in  24 hours –We  rode the train into Chicago from Aurora where Bernina headquarters are.Of course all I could think about is how much I wished Drew could ride a train like this – he would have loved it. I loved seeing the little villages around the depot all along the way- so quaint! And of course we went to the most famous street in Chicago

August 2011 094

We walked for 5 hours on Friday going all the way up and down this amazing street. I have never seen so many people on one street. It was a perfect day for walking – temps in the 80s and sunny! I will share about the wonderful stores we saw and my favorite store of all time – I know can you believe I found the most amazing store EVER! It’s the displays that had me at first sight!

I have been to the top of the world! The worlds tallest building anyway. WE all grew up hearing about the Sears Tower – now called the Willis Tower. The elevator ride to the top – 104 floors took us 60 seconds. It was breath taking to be able to see all of Chicago and actually 4 states from up there. They have a clear floor you can stand on and look straight down – we tried to do it but we could not turn a loose of the wall! HEHE – wow it was a long way down! Chicago has some beautiful buildings – and all the steel – my Dad would have loved seeing how they built it from Steel since he worked for a  Steel company  his whole life.

I also discovered the WORLDS BEST Pizza. We had Chicago Pizza two times just because it was so darn good! Kind of like eating a lasagna(minus the pasta) with a crust. Oh me it was good! The pizza was at least  3 inches thick. My favorite had a layer of spinach in it. I was trying to be good and eat my vegetables! 

We also rode the trolley down to the Pier and ate dinner and who did we sit by on the trolley but a family from San Antonio – so funny that Texans would end up side by side. We all were enjoying the cool weather and green grasses and beautiful flowers everywhere.

We had a great 24 hours after a long week of work and we are already planning what we will see next time Chicago calls our name.

Molly B

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Words to live by….


Turn your sound up and listen to this wonderful song…. One of my favorites and speaks volumes to me – I hope it will bless you this day my friend……

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bernina Land…..

Its Time


To Pack up


And head up North


Bernina is calling my name

I Hope I can have some of this along the way….


And visit the Million Dollar Mile…..


But maybe the best part?


  Temps in the 80s EVERYDAY!!!!

Take care of Texas while I am gone – and don’t roast!

Molly B

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Words to live by….


     I love the thought of Gods arms-armour surrounding me everyday protecting me from the daily hardships and pain of this world.