Saturday, July 25, 2009

Readers are Leaders….


DSC02034 Do you love to read like I do?? Summer is especially a fun time to read – on vacations at the beach or on your porch in the evening. I have enjoyed these books so far this summer…

I highly recommend Debbie Macomber books- they are about a street named Blossom Street and the women who live and work there. There is a Quilt shop, yarn shop, bakery,bookstore and garden shop. Every thing you could possibly need on your street.

Reading is such a fun way to take a trip in your mind and pretend you live in some of the places you read about. I can totally see myself on Blossom street maybe with a little quilt shop named “Country Pleasures” oh well that was another story…

These books below were good stories of Christian women and there lives. Not always so good -but God was faithful in all things and ended happily ever after – just like a story should and life too.




“Comfort food” was about a TV chief and her daughters – I read this on the beach and really enjoyed it.

Another favorite Texas author is Lisa Wingate- Sweet stories and all take place in good ole Texas! The latest was really thought provoking “Summer Kitchen” kind of made me want to look around the world I live in and see what God could do through me.

Grab a book this summer and let it take you far away from the day to day life we all lead…. its a lot cheaper than going to all those places.

Oh and by the way “Readers are Leaders” or I’ve been told….

Off the next few days to READ to my little grandson Drew!! Oh the stories we will read….

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


DSC01722 Just like in life some things need rebuilding time to time….

DSC01716 Such as my old friend … the garden arbor….

DSC01618 WE have recorded many events standing in front of our friend….first day of school, Easters, graduation parties, Senior proms, Kids have grown up in front of it….We have recorded our family in front of it….


DSC02116Ben my youngest and most artistic son decided it needed rebuilt.Maybe it was the fact parts of it were falling on his moms head!DSC02120  This is now the new and improved arbor.Ben and I decided we could now record time BD2009(Before Drew 2009)and after the year Drew was born. I wonder just how many more pictures we can take under our new Friend? How many more cousins will there be ?? A new generation -what fun we will have watching them grow under the love of our little garden arbor…..


 come by anytime and sit awhile with me ….

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Southern belle….

Our final week with our Texas Girl – Sarah Beth was spent visiting places that meant a lot to her and our family.

First off was lunch with the girls at Hickory Street Cafe- The home of our first store. Sarah spent many hours here sneaking pickled okra and pickles from the salad bar. She was only 5 years old then. We had a great time visiting and of course eating….

DSC02049 Off to Dyess we went to watch Major Joes final flight on his B1. I think the Air force was a little surprised at how many of us came to watch this special event. I thought it was a little sad… It could be his last time to fly one of these beauties!


DSC02055 Sarah was ready with the Champagne and Anna and Wyatt got to spray him down with Water…


DSC02070His Air Force buddies came to celebrate with him and of course his Civilian FANS…


DSC02077 Joe gave us a tour of his Wheels (large ones) and then we ate B1 cookies…


DSC02111 One place that has become a Family favorite and a place to Celebrate family events – is Perini’s( home of the best burger in the USA). Great food,good time spent with family equals a  beautiful Texas Evening…



One more cousin picture


Oh those Brown noses –

yes we are kin….


May the silver wings take you both far in life and don’t forget your Texas roots….



Watch out Alabama – you have never met a southern girl like our Sarah Beth… Take good care of her…..

A Rose for you my friends…..


Thank you Lord for the rain and 90 degree temps after 14 days of over 100!!

A fresh cut Rose from my Garden just for you today – Friend….. Thank you for stopping by my little blog…..

Monday, July 13, 2009

tomato anyone??


I just had to show you what has been growing around my house lately! I am so excited – I picked my first tomato! and I am waiting on my green pepper to be ready to pick. I have had such fun watching them grow…. I know – I can only have maybe one grilled Cheese sandwich with my little tomato … But oh how good it will be!!




I have more ripening and then I can make my favorite squash casserole – If Brenda will share her squash – HEHE. Happy Gardening…..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Charming Evening…..

DSC02027 Last week my friend Amy(who managed to not get in any of these pictures) invited us out to her Aunts (Artist) house to make soldered charms. We each designed our little masterpieces and are now wearing them proudly.


Kaye and Jana working on their darling charms



Jo Carol working on hers...



Its a messy and HOT technique!!



Look how CUTE they all turned out – we were quite proud of ourselves and left wondering how the girl in Canton sells these for $7.00???? Let me tell you they are worth a WHOLE lot more than that!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Gilmores of our lives.

I love the Gilmore girls- do you ever watch them??? I am on another kick of them, re watching the last season. I so wish this TV show was still on!!! Why do they cancel all the really good shows???
I dream of living in a town like Stars Hollow and walking everywhere... And having a place to go like Luke's diner.....

That is never going to happen.... I don't know a place like that - that is why it is so nice to watch..
Off to watch another episode.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Coastal Haven… or Heaven…


Welcome to our little cottage we spent a glorious week in. When we opened the front doors we just stood there and squealed! We felt like we had all just walked into a Magazine layout from Coastal Living or Cottage Living. I still can not believe we got to spend all week in this precious home. It was like staying in the cutest Bed and Breakfast and the owners were missing! HEHE!

I found myself walking around and just looking at how she put things together in this home. I wished for all my cottage loving friends and my Quaint Old Homes Friends. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to close your mouth every once in a while….DSC01836



























Believe me we are going back to this cottage next year!! Until then I have my memories and lots of pictures to relive it all…..