Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekends...and the living is easy....

I live for weekends.... don't get me wrong I love my job but I just need to be at home some. I have always felt like it was like a great gas station for my soul - filling it up each day. After a long week I can always count on getting rejuvenated and recreated -ready for another week. I always have projects- that's what keeps me going -being creative! I look back on the years my boys were at home and I realize we were never at home on weekends. There were always soccer games, baseball games, basketball games, ALWAYS going- no wonder I was frazzled! I needed to just get revived some weekends. Isn't that just how life is? When we need rest the most -we can't get any!
When I am home I always listen to music (loudly) from my computer. I just love my computer! HEHE I will tune in to the music from my blog- which is a great mix-maybe I should be a DJ? From christian, piano, movie tunes, Divo, Josh Groban you can listen to it all. Bella and I often dance to Third Day and Mama Mia as we dust or mop. My blog music will last you about 4 or 5 hours so you to can create along with my tunes. Another source of music I love is from www.Pandora
You can create your own listening tunes by picking music you like. It is a great way to find new music. Try listening to these and I hope you will be blessed with the message from some of my favorite songs.....Now if I can just figure out how to pipe it wireless outside..hummmmm
Now let me share with you what I got my hands into this wonderful weekend..... I built shelves above my glass cabinets to hold more of my favorite things. I have been baffled with this space for years and I think I like this open shelf concept....
I planted my side porch that I live on in the summer.. I tried my hand with Hydrangeas again this year. I am trying them in pots on the north side of the house. I will let you know how they grow. This may be the only picture I want to share with you of them. HEHE! I think I wore my friend Bella plum out.. she followed me every step of the way this weekend.... And did a little bird chasing on top of that!
Hope your weekend was creative, restful and recharged you for a blessed week ahead

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break....

Spring Break... it doesn't matter how old I get I still think -I need one. It doesn't matter that I have no one in school anymore or I am not even school age -I still love Spring Break. It brings back memories of trips, visiting and getting out and enjoying spring weather. This year I talked my sis into taking a road trip with me for a couple of days. We had a great time... first off to Waxahachie ( that's as hard to spell as Mississippi). My son Josh is the owner of this wonderful Pharmacy there -he just bought it in January, so I had to go see it and watch him in action. I was so proud! Its kinda like he followed in my shoes - going into retail. He is very kind to his customers and very service minded.He will be very successful because that is the heart of owning a retail business - no matter if it is selling medicine or sewing machines.

This is his home away from home - One proud Mom.... If you have never been to Waxahachie - you must go visit sometime. A must is to eat at the "Doves Nest" and visit the darling shops down town. Take a drive through town and you will see very large old homes - my favorites!

My friend Judy B lives in this darling house....Shhh I didn't call her on this trip to see Josh.

I told Josh if he could buy me one of these I would work for him.....just dreaming.....

Then we headed down I35 to big Dallas and to the farmers market to check out the wonderful plants. They did not disappoint. Yes I bought a large geranium- I just couldn't help myself. It is now in my laundry room waiting for warm weather.

Look how full and pretty these pots are. Why can't mine ever look like this?

Look what was walking through downtown Dallas... Not really its one of my favorite TEXAS

And the REAL reason I wanted to head toward Dallas/Ft. Worth was to see - Lil Drew! He was the star of the trip and he saw me and smiled.... melt my heart.....This was him a few weeks ago enjoying his spring break..

Hope you make your own Spring Break and do something you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nudging spring...

I was shopping at Lowes this week and look what I found.... Macho Ferns for $6.98 and darling retro lawn chairs for $35.00 I just LOVE them and couldn't wait to get them out in my little patio. My ferns came in the house to stay till warmer nights, but the chairs are ready to sit in and enjoy the warm sun.... Come on Spring.... I can't wait for you to get here.

Nothing like reading a book and soaking up the sun in these darling chairs....

Monday, March 02, 2009

Wedding #3.....

Last weekend my niece Megan got engaged to the love of her life-Clark. It was a wonderful,fun and crazy proposal. Look over at Sarah Beths Blog and read about the crazy night of the proposal and the fun family get together. I can't wait to help plan a December wedding...My mind is a spinning.. Megan is VERY creative and I can't wait to help her with her plans.

My 4 nieces-Amanda, Anna, Bride to be Megan and Sarah-newly wed.

The cousins who helped pull of the proposal ...

A gorgeous band of diamonds in a beautiful rose....

It was a night to remember and I just can't wait for the wedding.