Monday, November 10, 2008

100th post....

Today I will reach a milestone-I have written 100 posts on the things that God has placed on my heart, inspirations that he has given me and events in my life that have just been darn fun. I have loved every thing about this world of blogging and started this just because I wanted to see how it worked. I have never found anything as creative as blogging-I have loved sharing from my heart with you. You have been faithful friends and readers - even the stalker ones that do it in secret! HEHE I thank you for sharing with me and letting me express to you how I feel about things, it has been such a therapeutic thing for me to write about some of my feelings and hurts.

You may not listen to my music on my blog but I LOVE MUSIC. I have decided why I love to find songs or why songs just come to me is because I feel Life should be lived with music in the background. I grew up watching every Musical made and thought singing and dancing would be a great,happy way to live. I wish life was really like that.No matter what is happening in my life Music will find a way to speak to me. Happy songs,Sad songs, encouraging songs, songs fun to dance to and great ones to sing at the top of my lungs.In my heart I do sing and dance though life. Life has not always been kind to me but I can always find a song worth singing.

Thank you for taking this journey with on to 200 posts!
With a song in my heart...


Sarah Beth said...

Someone is in the big time now!! Congrats! Didn't comment on the post about us, but great shout out! If only I could just get feeling back into my legs!!
Seee you tonight!

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