Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abilene Living Magazine…Oh my gosh!

Well my little cottage is busting out with excitement around here. Last fall a darling friend of mine – Heather Lundgren Martin called and ask if she could put my little cottage in their spring magazine- Abilene Living.I said sure but was a little afraid that when people saw my house they would not understand- why the heck I have a broken umbrella, an awning or an old window hanging above my bed on the inside of my house. I do understand my home is a little different – to say the least. What can I say – I love junk and what can be made from it. Well the Magazine came out this week – it was like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive for this grown up kid! I could not be happier at how it looks – thanks Heather and the amazing photographer Jason McDonald.

DSC05312 DSC05313




I was a little over whelmed by it all –I thought it would be like one page of pictures but there are 6 pages of my house! What was so  COOL about this and just a example how God works through our lives daily is the rest of the story!  The Magazine spotlights people around Abilene and I shared the pages with some amazing Christ centered folks! One story was about my Praying Angel Friend Doris – remember the story I told you about my angel who prayed over me in  my darkest days? There she was written up about her prayer ministry and her Antique shop – God works in mysterious ways! Also Heather who owns the magazine, as a child came every summer to my Kids Sewing Camp and I taught her to sew. She was one of my favorites because she had(and still does) the cutest bubbliest personality ever! Isn’t it just amazing that 18 years later God puts us together again! She writes about her coming to the store and the memories she has with Mom,Brenda and myself.

What I have thought of all week is- that you just never know the impact of people in our lives and the way God weaves our stories together.

Thanks again Heather – You can pick up a copy  around town and guess what? Its free!

Well I guess I better get back to earth and go clean the bathrooms – ugh!

Molly B

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Crossroads of life….

Here I go again…. on the crossroads of life…. wondering which way to go…..Crossroads1

239113061435214095_TiWsUGmi_cThis way or that

… up or down…. left or right….

On December 7th ( A day that will live in infamy for many reasons- next year I am skipping that day) I was told my Bernina Set In would be closing in April. Not because my store did not do well – it was a top performer , but because many were not doing well. I took a deep breath – as one must do when the rug has been pulled out from under you and wondered what the heck am I going to do now???? Believe me it is more scary when you are on your own and all you have to depend on is yourself So here I stood once again in the crossroads. You must know something about me- I HATE change – never did- never will. I like things to stay the same as always. When I make a commitment to someone or something it is FOREVER. I have been forced to make changes in my life and in the end God always shows me it was for my good- such a hard lesson for me to learn.

The months of December and January were spent in prayer, worries, thinking of my wonderful customers, and creative thinking. I had a note pad on my night stand and I would wake up in the night and write another idea God gave me to start a business or a job I might like. I wrote a lot during those nights. Every morning I would start my day with my “Jesus Calls” devotional.  I do think God writes those words to me every night as I sleep. The words are always just the right ones I need on that day. On December  9&10th   He gave me this-

Be willing to go out on a limb with Me. If that is where I am leading you,it is the safest place to be. Your desire to live a risk- free life is a form of unbelief. You are approaching a crossroads in your journey. In order to follow me wholeheartedly, you must relinquish your tendency to play it safe. Let me lead you step by step through this journey.

Instead of yearning for a problem- free life, rejoice that trouble can highlight your awareness of My Presence. In the darkness of adversity, you are able to see more clearly the radiance of My Face. Accept the value of problems in this life, considering them pure joy. Remember that you have a eternity of trouble – free living awaiting you in heaven.

I realized I have played it safe my whole life. Trying to always do the right thing,over think everything,control the situation – play it safe. I was reminded that the only safe place is Heaven – that is when we are safe-trouble free. Thank you Lord for those words.

So with much prayer and guidance I am not playing it safe this time. I have decided to become a Bernina Sewing Machine dealer once again. I will own my little kiosk in the middle of Hancock Fabrics and go forward being my own boss again. Bernina has made this girls dream become a  reality and have just been wonderful to me .The first of April it becomes mine – WOO HOO!


So my friends I find myself right back where I started from – owning my own store like before. Funny thing about life – the road God leads us down is always better  than we can ever imagine.

The crossroads of life are not easy – but taking the journey sometimes leads us right where we should be. I am constantly reminded to never let go of the Hand of God as we walk through our journey of life.

May all your bobbins be full on our journey!

Molly B

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

She who plants a seed…

She who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see a plant, believes in God


I spent last Sunday working in my yard and garden. I learned how to winter sow my seeds this year from my friend and neighbor Elizabeth – thanks! So I have been on a search for milk jugs. I stole some from Josh/Ericas recycle bin and went to HEB and stole from their recycle bin. I almost have enough – I told Drew and Callie to drink more milk for Grammys garden.Any how I have some planted and now I am waiting to do the sprout dance when they come up.Don’t you just love to plant seeds and watch them come alive? – I do reminds me of our amazing God and his miracles.



Mine have just started so they do not look like this yet – but they will – I will keep you posted  - pictures of the sprout dance? HEHE

Dancing in my garden

Molly B