Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Happy friend.....

There are not many gals who have Red in their homes…not like I have red. I LOVE RED and to me it is the happiest of colors! One can not go to a store and buy a red chair or couch- for sure. So you have to cover what you have or order chairs from a children's store.DSC01725


love my red chairs…..

Recently I found a kindred spirit in blog land and I must introduce you all to her. I myself have not met her exactly- but boy I know we would be fast friends and share all sorts of things.My friend lives across the water in England- no less. I knew I wanted to visit that country and now I really do!! Oh the fun(trouble) me and my friend Happy could have!! What could be wrong with a girl named Happy?! The name itself makes me without further gab Let me introduce you…. fly on over for a visit – it will make you Happy!!!!


dresser-200 happy-rads-740-high

new cath 166

tin-tin-out tutu-dress-200

Isn’t it the cutest …happiest… Blog around…Thanks Happy for making my day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A “Grand” Day…….

This past Saturday was the grand opening of the Sanders Drug Store – Josh’s new pharmacy in Albany.It was so much fun and a Grand day…A realization of a dream come true.


The town came out to welcome them to their neighborhood and it was a grand celebration. DSC02810 Its heaven to a child a store full of candy- Drew thought these looked pretty good.After all it is a celebration Dad!

And Balloons too Dad!!!! What a grand day! This is going to be a great place to grow up in!!!


     I couldn’t be more proud of these 3 1/2 !


If your ever in Albany – stop by and eat lunch and have a good ole fashioned milk shake or soda from the soda fountain… Tell Josh I sent you!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 resolution…..

DSC01208 We need to all remember this…. I Iook at this every morning and it gets me through the day..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Looking through the rear view mirror….

2009 is gone –its like looking back in a rear view mirror and seeing what happened behind you! It was full of dark times and great joy – isn’t that what every year is filled with? For me the highlights of this year were….

DSC02072July 09


Sending Joe and Sarah off to their first Air force move as a married couple. We all gathered for Joes Final B1 flight.

DSC01836 June 09


Our week spent in Santa Rosa Beach in sunny Florida… Oh those beaches and that Beach house!!


DSC02113 May 09


The fun weekend Ben and I had rebuilding the Arbor together( I sorta helped) It was the start of rebuilding our lives, starting a new….

DSC02187 September 09


Drew turned 1 and it was a great party …no monkeying around!!




DSC02702 December 09


Abilene High wins State – the first time in 53 years…. AMAZING



                                   A Beautiful White Christmas…


And the event I will always remember is the wedding of my niece Megan and her Clark…. we planned and  dreamed about it all year and it was just like our dreams….A magical Christmas wedding!

IMG_0225 IMG_0413 IMG_0408


         Good Bye 2009

         and Hello  2010!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drum Roll Please…..

WOW-What a fun response I got from my giveaway! I found some really fun friends were reading my thoughts and sharing my journey through life.I was overwhelmed !! I had a BLAST getting up early and rushing home from work to see who left a comment.

I must thank Dawn at the-feathered-nest and Rhondi at rose colored glasses for sharing about the give away on their darling blogs. I met a lot of new blog friends- Welcome to my crazy world.

Now with no more further adieu the winner issssss…..

Annalee from Out on a Whim

for you that did not win – remember if you would like one you can order one from me anytime. They are $20.00(does not include pillow form) with the word of your choice. I love making these-love keeping my hands busy or should I say my sewing machine. Just let me know- my email is

Annalee let me know what word you would like on your little pillow and I will get to stitching!!!

Thanks for the FUN!!

You give me great DSC02425

Friday, January 08, 2010

You give me Joy….

DSC02295 Ok it is high time that I know just who reads my blog and you STOP being a Blog stalker! So I have decided to start this year out getting to know some of my blog readers–I am having a give away on my blog. BUT you have to leave a comment to win the prize. It is not hard and it will not take you all day to do it. I would love to know who you are and to just say – THANKS for spending time with me and reading my thoughts day in and day out.

What’s the prize you ask? Well, I will make you a burlap pillow with the word of your choice.

So come on blog friends – let me know who you are and you could be the winner of one of these!!


I will draw the winner on the evening of January 13 at 6:00- so please let me know who you are so I know who I am sharing with.

Again ,Thank you for reading my blog and bringing me such Joy !

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A New baby...

  The new year brought a new adventure and new baby to my son Josh and his good friends- Lee and Jason. They opened their Pharmacy on Monday for the first time. They have worked at getting this opened for about 9 months and were very excited to finally open the doors. This is the original Pharmacy in Albany. It is full of history and the building itself is AMAZING! I told Josh I dreamed of having my store in a building like this for 19 years and he got it with his second Pharmacy!


Take a look around It is a beauty and I am one proud Mom. They are going to do so well and help so many folks in this wonderful little town.

Sanders Drug Store is the original name and they kept the name along with all the history that went with it. Notice the tile work with the name written in tile. The stain glass is also original and the wood work – AMAZING!

If you haven’t been to Albany lately- go and see the pharmacy and enjoy a soda from the original soda fountain and do a little shopping- it is one Cute town.

Congratulations Josh and Erica on a job well done!

Also – guess what other baby I got for Christmas? I am going to be a Grammy again!!!! come July, Drew will be the proud big Brother of a precious little one. I just love Christmas when I get presents like that!

So far 2010 is looking up! Happy New Year dear friends!

Are you Santa??

Just had to share this precious picture of Drew visiting Santa. We knew it would be a cute picture this year, we just didn’t know how cute!!! His expression is priceless…


“Who the heck are you and what did you do with my Mommy and Daddy?”….PRICELESS :)