Monday, September 28, 2015

Ready, Set ,GO

For some time I have been thinking about reviving my little Blog. I have missed it - the planning, the pictures, the memories saved, the therapeutic part of writing down life in one little place. My break was good - it was the right season -of just living life fast and furious. My life has slowed down a bit and I have time to spend  writing and sharing  my life again.  I always felt that my blog helped me look at life differently  and enjoy events differently  because I was going to blog about it. I will try to catch up on special times that I have enjoyed the last 2 years and move on with the fun times I have now. Its good to be back - I hope some of my old faithful readers join me on this journey and enjoy our time together.
Boy do I have a lot to catch you up on -can't wait to  get started!!! 
               Molly B

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