Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dancing in the snow……

I just need to remember that I do love snow… But this much? I am a Texas girl and LOVE sunshine and heat! But I do have a faithful reminder each morning to make the best of the beauty God has given us this winter. DSC02849

Took a dance around my little cottage this morning and enjoyed the moment!!! DSC02845



Will I ever get to see the roses blooming in my little garden… or use these garden tools? I know-I know -  I am suppose to be dancing- but I think I will go look at some of my favorite garden catalogs and dream of sunny- flower planting days!

Happy Snow Days…….

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It matters…..

A few years ago my good friend Kaye found this saying somewhere and it just became a much loved saying.

DSC02827 It says a lot to me. Nice matters everyday. …

  • Whether to a friend or your own family
  • to someone in  a store, checking you out after waiting for a few minutes.
  • Driving down the street
  • Around your home – is it clean and tidy?
  • In the decor of your home – is it nice to look at and does it make you happy to look at daily?

Yes I truly do love this saying and I am so glad Kaye found this years ago and shared with me-it reminds me daily ,to make

            my world a nicer place.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day….

From my little nest … to your nest have a wonderful day with the ones you love.

         Happy Valentines Day

Let the games begin…..

I do love the Olympics….the song, the rings. I have been a fan all of my adult life. Every 2 years I sit for 2 weeks and get caught up in the spirit of the Olympics. The beauty of the opening ceremonies, the speed of the bob sled teams and the dance of the skaters. I love every minute…. Usually I have a quilt top to quilt during the 2 weeks but not this time so I will have to find something else for my hands to do as I watch.

359834_m05 I Love the patriotism, the competition but more than anything I love the stories of all the athletes, They have amazing stories of work, discipline and pure determination.

375222_m05 One winter Olympics when Eric Hayden was winning the speed skating and his story was so heart wrenching my youngest son Ben(then 8) decided he wanted to learn to speed skate. One problem – we live in West Texas where there are no Ice rinks! So he did the next best thing. He strapped on his in line roller blades and raced around and around the Boulevard we live on. We had to time him and he looked just like the skaters-same crouched down form.Looking back it was so funny but oh how he dreamed of one day skating in the Olympics just like Eric. Isn’t that just how the Athletes start the dreams that get them to the Olympics.

96631414_32imgTeaser-FYMy oldest son Josh has a great love of Hockey-I believe that love started when the USA team won the unbelievable Olympic Gold medal.Watching the games was always a family affair and looking back shaped my boys lives in a way we didn’t realize at the time.

Young moms share the Olympic spirit with your Children – these athletes are wonderful examples for your children to look up to.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

When is Spring coming???

I do love winter-you know the beautiful snow and soup on the stove – but for only 2 or 3 days.I am so ready to dig in the  dirt and watch my old friends pop up and return to their glory. I thank God for the rains we have had and I know our yards and flowers are really going to look good come Spring – but

       I CAN’T WAIT

Till then we will just have to dream and dream and dream……..

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Let them eat Cake…..

I just found this darling screen print on line and wanted to share with you.

il_430xN.120344175 You can find this darling print at  BluLima go check out what other cute prints she makes- like my very own favorite

DSC01208 Just wanted to share something cute today!!