Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tweet visit…

Brenda and I have had special visitors check into our houses this week. Both have checked in to our baskets on our front porches. Brenda's little bird is a finch and mine is a wren. Both are precious and so fun to watch. They are BUSY little birdies! I decided today it is hard being a mother bird! Girls we have it easy!! hehe! I peeked out my door to try and catch the mom and tried so hard to look down in my basket but they are way down deep and very well protected – but chirping their little beaks off!!The mom and dad fly in and out all day long feeding their little family. It was so sweet – but hard work – they fed them ALL day long.

        My little mother wren…

DSC03013Brenda's little bird is still sitting on her eggs. They are the prettiest little blue eggs – 5 perfect little eggs- in a perfect little nest. 


Isn’t Gods world just amazing?! I am closest to God walking around my yard enjoying his perfect world.

I couldn’t decide today if I needed my clippers , trowel or my camera  the most. As I walked and worked my Clematis greeted me to a new day and Spring!


I cut the first roses today and brought them inside. I have never seen so many buds on my rose bushes – I can not wait for them to fully bloom to their Glory!!



     Thank you God for your Beautiful world……

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