Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Words to live by…..


Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little Fall Fluffing…..

I always get  so excited for the next season to come to my little cottage. Fall is always a welcome relief – from the heat of summer and days of travel. Fall is a time to get the home fires ready for the holidays ahead and my home ready  for visits with family and friends. I hosted the first gathering of the Quaint Old homes group last week and it was a great time to get a head start on my fall cleaning and fluffing. I just wanted to share a bit of what I have been doing this early fall.

Sept 2011 012Sept 2011 015

Sept 2011 013


Sept 2011 014

Sept 2011 006

Sept 2011 008

Sept 2011 022

Sept 2011 020Sept 2011 021

Sept 2011 009

Sept 2011 010

Sept 2011 018 I am loving my new little yellow and red room – so cozy for me.

Sept 2011 019








Sept 2011 025 And my favorite spot by far in my little cottage…. I can sit and watch the world go by,read a book, plan my garden and take a nap every now and then!

Now if I only had some PUMPKINS I would be all ready to welcome Fall to my house….

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Molly B

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A word for the day…


I have had several happy days lately and I do believe I Sleep really well……Sweet Dreams

Molly B

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drews Three-rific Day

Drew is one lucky little boy and I think he has figured that out already! His Mom & Dad plan the best Birthday parties! We decided we all like the parties as much as the Children and Drews 3rd lived up to the other 2 for sure. Cars was the theme for his party, he loves anything that has wheels on it and LOVES the car movies. He took it all in with such wonder and amazement it melted my heart to see how excited he was with every detail. Drew is a detail little boy and will look and study something forever!

Sept 2011 030

There were Cars everywhere – Balloons, Cake, Cookies

   Sept 2011 033Sept 2011 031

Sept 2011 029

Even Callie had a cars pillowcase dress – made by me of course – her first dress I made! How fun was that ? A LOT

Sept 2011 062

Drew this year really got into opening his presents and seeing what was in each one. The sweetest thing he did was ask his Dad with each present who gave it to him and then would “Thank” them – melt my heart! See a “detail” kind of guy.

Sept 2011 054

Sept 2011 058

Sept 2011 042There was a piƱata and it was a tough one! It took all the men- Big and little to bust this one open – but boy when they did what fun finding the treasures!

Sept 2011 044

Sept 2011 046

My Boys

Sept 2011 053

Lets make a wish!

Sept 2011 069

Sept 2011 072He loved the cookies – especially the M&M wheels! One Car and one Tire-

Sept 2011 074Sept 2011 075

and wore some icing on his face for awhile…..

Then on to the Feature presentation – a outdoor showing of “Cars” on a big screen outside. And we even had a concession stand of snacks.

Sept 2011 036Sept 2011 078

It is hard for me to believe how one little guy could bring such joy to my life….

I thank God daily for my this precious family God has given me. Thanks Josh and Erica for taking such good care of my Grandson.

Sept 2011 065

    And once again “Happy Birthday Drew”

Grammy Molly B

Friday, September 09, 2011

Thrilling Threes….

My favorite little guy turned 3 this past week. The big“ Cars'” party is this weekend and we are so excited to celebrate 3 years with our little Drew. I couldn’t help but think back on the last 3 years – where have they gone?


The day Drew stole our heart… the first day of his life….


DSC02195His 1st Birthday…..

Our little Monkey-loved his books the best but not so much the cake??



2nd Birthday – Thomas the Train – his best friend!!




And now I can add #3 to his fun parties…. Our little guy has grown so much in the past 3 months… Talks all the time – you can actually have a conversation with him and that just makes my heart happy. I hope I can remember everything about this sweet age and all the funny things he says to me. He told me last week my name was NOT – Molly Yarger but my name is Grammy – and that my friends is just fine with me – the best name EVER

Happy Happy Birthday Drew – You will always be my sunshine in those baby blues of yours! Love you to the moon and back-



Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Coming round the Mountain….

I feel like I have been around 3 or 4 mountain tops last month. I spent most of last month GOING! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to GO – say road trip and I am on the way!

I had 3 great trips – Chicago, Santa Fe/Glorietta and Fredericksburg/Blanco.

I have told you about my trip to Chicago all except showing you my most FAVORITE displayed clothes store –EVER.I will share that with you later in the week or next- stay tuned.

Santa Fe and Glorietta was such a treat for me. What memories that place holds in my heart. I know the friends I made the trip with, got a little tired  of hearing about  them –but how precious memories are – I thank God for them. For some people you shared them with, it is like a part of them is still there looking over your shoulder.

Here is my Picture Collage of my trip to  Santa Fe-

Last weekend my friends Amy, Kaye and my Sister Brenda headed off to a Cooking Class in Blanco. Of course we had to spend the day in Fredericksburg and shop and eat at the Peach Tree. My favorite store – RED. Hard to believe with a name like that – hehe. We stayed in a B& B and then Saturday headed to enjoy one of the most fun days we have shared as friends.

Our cooking class was at the Juniper Hills Farm in Blanco. We spent the day making Sweet and Savory things. The morning class was making our own body lotion,Bath gel,Air freshener and Body scrub. That was so fun and smells so good and natural. Made with essential oils and made to your nose liking! I have my very own scent and I just love it – boy does my house smell good now and its all organic.

They served us a delicious lunch and then it was our turn to cook. We prepared Asiago Cheese Scones, Vanilla Pear Jam, Spicy pecans, Cheese wafers and Home made Vanilla. It was a sweet day with friends and we all agreed we will be going back to spend another day with Sibby our wonderful kind teacher.

Even though my going is stopping for a while I will file these fun days away in my heart and think back on them often.

Down on flat earth-

Molly B