Thursday, December 24, 2009

I found Christmas…

DSC02732Its not hard to look around and see Christmas. Go to the Mall or look around your neighborhood, but this year I have found Christmas in the most unsuspecting places.As I think about it that is how the first Christmas was- remember? No room in the Inn and giving birth to a baby in a stable and the King of Kings at that! Now that was unsuspecting - or was it? The older I get the more Christmas means to me , Not the kind with thousands of presents and all the hustle and bustle of the season, but the unsuspecting kind, when you happen upon it.Let me share with you a few unsuspecting sightings of Christmas…..

  • Listening to the music at Megan/Clarks wedding – it was beautiful. “Oh come all ye faithful” and “Angels we have heard on High” have never been sung more gorgeous….
  • Seeing Christmas through the baby blue eyes of Drew….the magic and wonder of it all.
  • Seeing a father place a red plaid scarf around his sons neck for a holiday picture, in a place where the men all wear white and the colors of Christmas joy are all very far away.
  • Caroling neighbors at my door singing Christmas Carols to me on a cold Christmas night.
  • Holiday baking and hearing my mothers voice in my head-“don’t get any egg yokes in those egg whites” I have never enjoyed baking like I did this year. Baking was my Mothers expertise and I felt like once again we were baking together for this Christmas.
  • In the faces of my dear friends who spent a evening with me Celebrating our friendship and the joys of Christmas.
  • The night Abilene High won the State Championship after watching them for 53 years not win! It was like getting a wonderful Christmas present.
  • A visit and phone call from my two boys who I don’t get to spend this Christmas with. I celebrated the moment.
  • A beautiful white Christmas this Christmas Eve

Sometimes you have to go look for the Christmas you want … to find the Joy that Christmas can bring. I know for SURE that Joy lies within each of us… we have to go and find it- sometimes in unsuspecting places.

Merry Christmas Friends … May the JOY of Christmas be in your heart….


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Need a little Christmas??

Just come on in and you will find it….DSC02715 My little dining room

DSC02717  come sit a spell and visit…..





                        My guest room….


My Bedroom…







Monday, December 21, 2009

Come on inside….

Christmas is just around the corner….Its time to do a little celebrating … so grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and enjoy looking around my little Christmas Cottage. I am so glad you are visiting me.

DSC02668 My little RED kitchen is just perfect to decorate for Christmas… It is my truly Happy place…


DSC02672I read this every morning- gets me through a many a day! DSC02671


DSC02679 I did my dining table a little different this year. I needed some calm in my little red house so this calms my red down just a little.DSC02675

DSC02522 My Santa Picture is new this year. A friend gave it to me – I just love it!!

DSC02509 I just love my little cardboard houses… I remember playing with ones like this under my Mothers Christmas tree dreaming of a little town just like this.. To me it is just magical…


DSC02508 I bought this darling little window house in Canton in the fall and I knew immediately what I was going to do with it at Christmas – I couldn’t wait to decorate it!!

DSC02510 My friends it is time to Celebrate this Christmas season … I hope it is full of Magic and great Joy….Merry Christmas !!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

After 53 years.....

Dear ole Abilene HIgh....Grand ole Abilene high... CHampion school of all the west...


Three cheers for dear ole Abilene High!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Generations of EAGLES….

13559_1158218847981_1603053714_30381132_7455074_t 11251_1275148168435_1521888421_30737484_4952667_t  I interrupt a little Christmas to Celebrate the State bound Abilene High Eagles. You see my family have 3 generations of Eagles. My mom graduated from there in the 40s , My brother in 69, My sister in law in 71, my sis in 72 and me in 75. All 8 children graduated from there in the late 90s early 2000s. There are only 3 family members that did not go to Abilene High( they became Eagles as soon as possible). We have spent a many a day yelling for our Warbirds so we are just a little pumped that they are finally going to the State game and we are still here to see it. Abilene High School holds the record for winning the most High School football games in Texas – only that happened in the 50s.

We have had 2 Cheerleaders, 1 School mascot, 1 Senior class President and starting Basketball player, Football players, FFA members, Bold Gold leaders, Gold Rush member, Homecoming Nominees, Choir members, Drama Queens. We have spent a life time or two watching and yelling for the EAgles. This game will be the biggest one yet.

Turn your music up and listen to our fight song – “Rock and Round the Clock”- of course this became our song in the 50s and have lasted till today.

Go EAGLES – lets bring home a State Championship once again where it belongs! 3 generations of Browns are behind you…..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jingle, Jingle for the new Mr.& Mrs.…..

I have always wondered what a really pretty Christmas wedding would look like and now I know! My niece Megan planned the most gorgeous wedding last weekend full of Christmas…..

Of course the main attraction was the Bride and Groom but the family sure looked pretty that night also! Check out little Drew in his little velvet jacket with a tartan plaid tie- tooooo cute. His part was to ride in a sleigh built by my late father pulled by Josh and ringing jingle bells. He did just great and grinned all the way down

the aisle.


The dinner afterwards was just beautiful and we had so much fun dining and dancing!

Drew loved dancing and the dance floor lights. He didn’t miss a thing the whole evening. He saw the others lifting up their legs and so the next thing we knew he was doing it too! HEHE I think poor Erica was worn out from keeping up with him all evening.

DSC02664 The wedding of Clark and Megan will always be one of those special Christmas memories for our family. It was truly a Christmas Wedding to remember……


Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Christmas Affair to remember…..

This past weekend was certainly one I will remember always. The 3rd of our family weddings. My niece Megan and her Clark started their life together on Saturday night and it was amazing….

We started the day off with a gorgeous Bridesmaid and friends and family Luncheon hosted by two dear friends. It was at the newest and poshest entertainment venues in Big A – the Warehouse. It certainly  didn’t look like any warehouse I was ever in! I felt like we ended up in New York City! Toto we are not in Big A anymore!HHEHEH It was a wonderful way to start a perfect wedding day for Megan…..

Tomorrow- pictures of the wedding and reception – stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Twas 3 days before wedding….

Twas 3 days before the wedding when all through the town -not a family was moving not even the Browns.

All the preparations are done and every ribbon tied while visions of a Christmas wedding danced in their heads.

The parties were fun and all the makings a delight to make Dec 5 a very special night.

Roseann in her party dress and Danny in his tux are ready to give their oldest Daughter to her prince charming – Clark.

More rapid as Eagles she called out her cousins.

Now Amanda, oh Sarah and Anna come too

Oh Wyatt and Will bring Josh and Erica too

To the top of the town we will go-

Now dash away, dash away – dash away all

we must get to the church and stand tall!

Her eyes how they twinkled, her cheeks how merry

to be pronounced to be Married….

And away they all flew… to the bells of a jingle

but I heard as they drove out of sight

Merry Christmas to all on this very special Wedding Night……

Just a little fun….. looking forward to the wedding days ahead! Our Megan is getting married this Saturday – a Christmas wedding to remember…..