Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg-cellent Easter….

Easter was so fun this year celebrating it with 2 of my favorite little people – my grandchildren- Drew and Callie. We started the weekend off decorating eggs – naturally – Erica made the dyes out of red cabbage,rose petals,chili powder and spinach – prettiest  eggs I have ever seen! Drew caught right on to the process and loved watching them change colors before his eyes- He kept saying “I doing it Mom” so darling! 

april 039
april 041
              Loved sharing egg dyeing with these two!
Easter Sunday started off very calm and wonderful – ended with Hail the size of ping pong balls or Easter eggs!  But we got our Easter fun over before that hit Big A and taking shelter!
Church was wonderful as usual and loved sitting with my family –what a rich, wonderful heritage our parents gave us and gave each of us the Love of God – so thankful for that.
Lunch at my house this year and fun times together eating and visiting.april 049


april 044
Then it was time for the BIG HUNT –  Drew really got into finding all the eggs .
april 064
april 061He  found so many he had to dump some out to make room in his basket for more!
april 062 Callie took notes –plotting  how next year she would find more eggs than Drew-
april 067      Stood up to get a better look at all the eggs – isn’t she just the cutest thing?
april 079    
                                What fun-fun eggs
           What a fun day we all had being together.     
         It was a Egg-cellent Day from start to finish!  

                     And we FINALLY got RAIN -     


Summer said...

GOD is GOOD and HIS SON JESUS makes every day worth living for !!Good to see your RESURRECTION SUNDAY was complete .

yarger gal said...

Great day, thanks for hosting!!

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