Monday, May 30, 2011

The day I was born….

Yep – that was- oh some 50 something years ago today. I have always loved birthdays – a day to be thankful that I was born and living in my crazy world! I saw a sign recently that said “ My life is like a movie with a cast of characters – I just wish I knew the plot”.  Don’t you love that – it made me laugh out loud in the store. I don’t want to “know” the plot of my life- I know who has my life all written and planned and I have my faith in him. I will say this – for the first time in several years I have hope in my future and excited about how God is recreating it.


  So Happy Birthday Molly B!

    Thank you God for my life and for one more Birthday.

      And Happy Happy Birthday to my niece Anna- I have shared my birthday with now for 22 years – Love you!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Wild West...

I live in the Wild, Wild West – Ok, not so wild – but once a year our town celebrates our Western heritage. Horses,longhorns and cowboys flood the down town streets. This year the Clydesdales came to town,what majestic Horses they are! I watched this years parade through the eyes of Drew and Callie and loved every minute! They loved the horses and cowboys!


Molly B

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A visit with Ralph Lauren….

Ralph Lauren doesn't just design clothes—he designs a lifestyle that many people dream of living. For more than 40 years, Ralph's vision has defined American style, but away from the runway, this designer prefers to stay out of the spotlight.
Over the past four decades, Ralph has granted only a few interviews, but in the final days of The Oprah Show, he invited Oprah and her cameras to his family's majestic Double RL Ranch for a rare sit-down.

If you did not get to see this interview I suggest you go to Oprah’s web page and watch it!! If you have loved design and any thing Ralph – it will thrill your heart to watch him tell about his life of design and meet his very successful family.

4 13 2011 - Oprah On Location At Ralph Lauren's Telluride, Colorado Ranch4 13 2011 - Oprah On Location At Ralph Lauren's Telluride, Colorado Ranch                          Pictures from the Oprah Show

  I am even a bigger Ralph Lauren fan now after watching this.

   Thanks Oprah!

Molly B

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh the places I’ve seen….

I am part of a group of women – 50 to be exact that get together once a month and eat lunch and tour each others homes. We are called “The Society of the Preservation of Quaint Old Homes” I know that is a mouth full and a bit silly for a name –BUT we enjoy each other and love each others homes. It is the most creative group of women I have ever met. I look forward each month seeing what creative things my friends have done to their homes. I go home full of ideas and inspiration. Here is a walking tour of a few of the homes we have enjoyed this year.

We started the year off in Cindy’s bright back yard – a garden tour!

Amy's house in November-patriotic theme table


Sharon's house in January – full of Happy colors


Joanne's House in February we learned how to arrange flowers

Cindy's House we had a Tea Party and enjoyed her back yard – loved it!

Lennie’s country house was a delight-

   Every Quaint Home filled with friends is a true delight!

Monday, May 16, 2011

All because two people fell in Love….

Those two people were my Mom and Dad. What a very special family they built for us- and left to us to carry on. This past weekend was a special one for Anna(the youngest cousin)- she graduated from Abilene Christian University on Saturday and we had to celebrate in a big way!  

spring 2011 052

Three generations in one backyard – laughing,talking, playing and enjoying just being together. My parents instilled in us the importance of family- they are my best friends and I  love being with them.My brother, sister and myself have 8 children between us and they are more like siblings than cousins. It is a fun group – believe me- all different personalities but all part of the " Brown Cousins”

spring 2011 076Now we are starting the 2nd generation of cousins – what fun those 3 had!

spring 2011 071  In days where I see families not staying connected it is a HUGE blessing  to have the 19 of them in my corner, walking through life together.

           All because two special people fell in Love…

      We are so blessed-

          Molly B

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Garden Tools for a Girl on her own….

I love to work in my garden and life is soooo much easier with the right tools. Let me share with you my FAVORITE garden tools for the do-it –yourself garden girl. Too bad these aren’t pink!

Mower-Black and Decker Electric Mower- LOVE this – I could not pull the cord hard enough(always pulled my back out too) to start a mover and I always needed gas.This I just plug in and push around the yard – much like vacuuming!


Blower – I wish they made these for the inside of our homes – hehe. Make sure you get one light- heavy ones hurt your back and too hard to carry around. I love this one- so easy for quick clean up!

084931841475lgDust Pan – This is not your ordinary dust pan this baby is 17 inches wide and it a life saver for picking up – leaves, leaves, leaves – can you tell I have a LOT of leaves? I just scoop them up and away they go!


Grown up Wagon – Every girl needs one of these – Love it to carry all things HEAVY! Soil, compost,mulch and I always put my flowers on it when I come home from the Nursery.

6933531200141lg So if you find yourself a garden girl on your own be sure to get these tools your might like gardening then.

Top 5 Reasons I Garden

5. Saves money(No Yard Man) – I remind myself that all the time I am sweating and HOT!

4.Exercise- great way to burn calories and sweat out toxins.

3.Creative – Its like decorating a new room

2. I love to see the beauty of the flowers,the sound of birds and the nurturing of seeds sprouting from the earth.

1. I  LOVE IT !!!!

Hope your  getting your hands dirty!

Molly B

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Her Prince did come….

Some day my prince will come
Some day we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know
Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Some day when my dreams come true

I have always believed in fairy tale loves and finding your prince ever since watching all the Disney movies growing up. For Kate she did find her Prince and what a wedding that was! I was up at 3 o’clock to watch –just like I had the last 2 royal weddings –there is just something about them I LOVE!  I kept hearing this song over and over in my silly head for the last 2 days – remember it as a child?

Lyrics | Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - Some Day My Prince Will Come lyrics

My prayer is that they "Live Happily Ever After"