Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Times gone by...

I often think I was born at the wrong time. Why do I love old things so much? Why does 40s tablecloths make me smile when a brand new one from 2008 do nothing for me.I yearn for the simpler times of the 40s. My favorite great Aunt was a young women in the 40s - she was the FUN aunt and I wonder if it was because she lived through the wild times(as wild as they got) of the 40s.Aunt Peggy changed her name 3 times! She was born as one name and got it legally changed when she was 15. Her legal name was Sally Jo but she didn't really like that name so my family called her Aunt Peggy. How funny is that? She was widowed at a young age - her husband was a pilot in WW2. She was a brave and independent woman ,I think she influenced me more than any family member ,other than my parents.
I have lately found a radio station on my satellite that plays all 40s music-I love it.Think about the stars of the time, Bing Crosby, The Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire - real stars. Actors that could sing, dance and act. When most of the movies didn't have spoken words but were sung! It was the roaring 30s and 40s when flapper girls were the norm. I do know it was hard times too. Maybe that is why the people that lived through that were such strong people with wonderful stories to share.
Take time to enjoy the music today and enjoy life as they did.Do a little swing dance around the House!


Mary said...

Hi, Molly,

I'm so glad to know about your blog. It is wonderful and I very much enjoyed the music this morning. I couldn't agree with you more about loving old things, old ways - I've always said I think I was born old.

Let's have a blog party!

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