Friday, April 25, 2008

Inspired by Life..

My favorite place to dream and imagine!

I was thinking today about what I was thankful for in my life and what fills my spirit and gives me Joy. God gave me the gift of creativity and that is what fills my life. I often wonder what normal people think about when they see a piece of fabric or a piece of paper and some ribbon? Me? I see hours of fun creating something that maybe no one else would like but me, and that's OK - I do it for me to enjoy and get great pleasure out of. Today I purchased the new Somerset Magazine and drank in every picture as I sat out on my porch. That magazine makes my heart sing. My creative juices were working over time. My wheels started turning and that's when it hit me how grateful I am for this gift. Its hard to imagine a scrap of fabric or paper and odd things found around the house could give me such joy when I put them together and make something magical happen. So tonight I say Thank you God for this wonderful ,crazy, simple gift!


Mary said...

I know exactly what you mean, Molly! We are kindred spirits.

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