Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Makes me Smile...

There are things in our lives that just make us smile when we see them or live in that moment. I want to share a few of those things with you this morning.

Taking time to smell the roses or taking a walk around my garden -that definitly makes me smile because I get a proud Mama feeling seeing that the fruit of my labor is growing!

Finishing projects for my home for me to enjoy!

My Cross I finished for my porch. My niece Megan taught me to make this - thanks Meg I love it.

I ordered these medal circle letters on ebay and made another tag art with them I can change the letters to spell whatever I feel like saying-that makes me smile!

Bella the wonder dog running outside every morning to get my paper. I smile from ear to ear on this one. I still can't believe she does this for me. I believe that it makes Bella smile too because we do such a happy dance when she gets in the house with the paper!

I hope your day is full of smiling moments if not- find something to smile about - it makes us feel so much better!


Anonymous said...

Your dog is adorable. If I let my Yorkie out she just bolts and doesn’t even look back. I have had to chase her full speed around the block. I'm sure once she gets older she will calm down. At least that's what I am hoping.

Love the flowers and your craft projects.

Have a pleasant day.


Megan Rose said...

I love your cross, it turned out so great. I finished Sarah's last night and boy let me tell you that leopard was not fun to paint, but it turned out better than I was expecting. I will post it tomorrow...

Mary said...

Ohhhh! I love the picture of Bella! My dog used to go get the paper for me when we lived in town. Now we have to drive to the main road to get it. When we get home, I throw it for her to bring to me. She doesn't know the difference.

Sarah Beth said...

BELLA THE WONDER DOG! She is just like Lassie. Do you think we could teach Doodles that trick?
LOVE the cross and can't wait to get my hands on that Cricut!

winstonbot said...

bella makes me smile out loud.!!!

Marmie said...

Molly, YOU make me smile. I just love your fun, sweet spirit! And, Bella is TOO, TOO cute.

I am so excited about learning to blog. Thanks for your help and encouragement.


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