Thursday, December 24, 2009

I found Christmas…

DSC02732Its not hard to look around and see Christmas. Go to the Mall or look around your neighborhood, but this year I have found Christmas in the most unsuspecting places.As I think about it that is how the first Christmas was- remember? No room in the Inn and giving birth to a baby in a stable and the King of Kings at that! Now that was unsuspecting - or was it? The older I get the more Christmas means to me , Not the kind with thousands of presents and all the hustle and bustle of the season, but the unsuspecting kind, when you happen upon it.Let me share with you a few unsuspecting sightings of Christmas…..

  • Listening to the music at Megan/Clarks wedding – it was beautiful. “Oh come all ye faithful” and “Angels we have heard on High” have never been sung more gorgeous….
  • Seeing Christmas through the baby blue eyes of Drew….the magic and wonder of it all.
  • Seeing a father place a red plaid scarf around his sons neck for a holiday picture, in a place where the men all wear white and the colors of Christmas joy are all very far away.
  • Caroling neighbors at my door singing Christmas Carols to me on a cold Christmas night.
  • Holiday baking and hearing my mothers voice in my head-“don’t get any egg yokes in those egg whites” I have never enjoyed baking like I did this year. Baking was my Mothers expertise and I felt like once again we were baking together for this Christmas.
  • In the faces of my dear friends who spent a evening with me Celebrating our friendship and the joys of Christmas.
  • The night Abilene High won the State Championship after watching them for 53 years not win! It was like getting a wonderful Christmas present.
  • A visit and phone call from my two boys who I don’t get to spend this Christmas with. I celebrated the moment.
  • A beautiful white Christmas this Christmas Eve

Sometimes you have to go look for the Christmas you want … to find the Joy that Christmas can bring. I know for SURE that Joy lies within each of us… we have to go and find it- sometimes in unsuspecting places.

Merry Christmas Friends … May the JOY of Christmas be in your heart….



bunnytrails said...

Very beautifully said...brought tears to my eyes...Merry Christmas, my friend!!!

GateWay said...

Your mom..... Quite a lady I remember! Thanks for sharing so sweetly.... and merry Christmas to you and yours too:)

Rhondi said...

Hi Molly
I hope you had a joy filled Christmas. Thanks for visiting me!

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