Monday, December 21, 2009

Come on inside….

Christmas is just around the corner….Its time to do a little celebrating … so grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and enjoy looking around my little Christmas Cottage. I am so glad you are visiting me.

DSC02668 My little RED kitchen is just perfect to decorate for Christmas… It is my truly Happy place…


DSC02672I read this every morning- gets me through a many a day! DSC02671


DSC02679 I did my dining table a little different this year. I needed some calm in my little red house so this calms my red down just a little.DSC02675

DSC02522 My Santa Picture is new this year. A friend gave it to me – I just love it!!

DSC02509 I just love my little cardboard houses… I remember playing with ones like this under my Mothers Christmas tree dreaming of a little town just like this.. To me it is just magical…


DSC02508 I bought this darling little window house in Canton in the fall and I knew immediately what I was going to do with it at Christmas – I couldn’t wait to decorate it!!

DSC02510 My friends it is time to Celebrate this Christmas season … I hope it is full of Magic and great Joy….Merry Christmas !!



Poefam said...

I can remember coming to your house when I was in high school and thinking it was MAGICAL! ...down to your Christmas sheets! :) Your house looks beautiful...makes me want to do even more to mine. I LOVE your new Santa picture and your little glittery houses. I must start a collection of those! (P.S. Target actually had some beautiful ones this year. I'm hoping to get one at the after Christams sale!)

bunnytrails said...

Thanks for sharing your home the other night! It was sooooooo fun and I love your post. Merry Christmas!!

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