Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Generations of EAGLES….

13559_1158218847981_1603053714_30381132_7455074_t 11251_1275148168435_1521888421_30737484_4952667_t  I interrupt a little Christmas to Celebrate the State bound Abilene High Eagles. You see my family have 3 generations of Eagles. My mom graduated from there in the 40s , My brother in 69, My sister in law in 71, my sis in 72 and me in 75. All 8 children graduated from there in the late 90s early 2000s. There are only 3 family members that did not go to Abilene High( they became Eagles as soon as possible). We have spent a many a day yelling for our Warbirds so we are just a little pumped that they are finally going to the State game and we are still here to see it. Abilene High School holds the record for winning the most High School football games in Texas – only that happened in the 50s.

We have had 2 Cheerleaders, 1 School mascot, 1 Senior class President and starting Basketball player, Football players, FFA members, Bold Gold leaders, Gold Rush member, Homecoming Nominees, Choir members, Drama Queens. We have spent a life time or two watching and yelling for the EAgles. This game will be the biggest one yet.

Turn your music up and listen to our fight song – “Rock and Round the Clock”- of course this became our song in the 50s and have lasted till today.

Go EAGLES – lets bring home a State Championship once again where it belongs! 3 generations of Browns are behind you…..


bunnytrails said...

Hey, I am right there with you...Go Eagles!!! Sure would be exciting for them to win a State Championship!!Mark and I will be watching it on TV.

Mary Kay said...

We are so excited too! We are with you, even after all these years, we still love our Eagles!!!

klp said...

go eagles! my high school made it several rounds and i was so excited. i guess now that i can't cheer for them, i'll cheer for my "home" town, abilene!!!

annalee said...

we certainly do love you dear old abilene high, grand old abilene high...

we are eagerly counting down 'til saturday's BIG game!!!

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