Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tie one on...Aprons

I have had a long admiration for aprons.The memories they bring back and the fun had in them!I still own the apron my mother made me when I was a little girl -Christmas aprons-she made us all matching ones. I cherish my apron as does my sister. Come to find out children aprons usually don't last or they get lost through the years. Aprons take us back to the memories of the women in our lives who wore them. I always picture my MaMa(my grandmother) in a apron. She wore one all the time - in the kitchen, garden always. The TV shows of my childhood always showed mothers with aprons on. These are my memories of aprons - all special and the people who wore them.My love of aprons has somehow spread to my nieces - they too love aprons. They are so cute now! I gave Anna and Sarah these for their birthday.

One of the most amazing thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My friend Jana works at the Grace Museum and she called me at work to say "The apron lady" -Ellynanne was coming to Hancocks and she wanted me to meet her. I had heard that the Grace was having a apron exhibit but I had NO idea who it was we were going to see. I met her and we talked and talked and I felt like I had met another Kindred spirit. She gave me her card and told me to visit her site. About a hour later I finally had time to pull up her web site when I realized she was the author of a Apron book I had picked up and looked at 1000 times - always wanting to buy one for myself and Sarah(who use to collect aprons). I never let myself buy it. I was soooo mad I didn't realize who she was when I was visiting with her. But sometimes that is better because you get to know the real person. I emailed Jana right away to tell her Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet her and how I loved her book and wish I had one for her to sign. In about 10 minutes I looked up and there was Jana handing me a signed book ! It was one of those fun times in your life that just happens - I love that.

I can not wait to visit the exhibit - but I must have alot of time to read every story about each apron and its maker. One of the greatest event that Ellyanne told me about and talks about it on her site is the"Tie one on day" The jest of the day is, you make a apron and wrap it around something you bake and take to someone in need or someone who means alot to you. I love the idea! You are suppose to deliver it before Thanksgiving -perfect time to share!

Don't miss the exhibit and get out your aprons and


annalee said...

what a neat moment! i can't wait to read that book.

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