Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here comes the Bride......

The time had come to put on THE DRESS - the most special dress in a girls life. Sarah had picked her special dress and she looked beautiful in it! This was her day and her moments to remember the rest of her life.....I will never forget the way she looked on her wedding day....
Anna and Sarah - sisters
How many times has Brenda tied a sash for Sarah? Never as special as this..
Anna and Brenda....
How many girls does it take to dress a darling flower girl? 1 mother and 2 aunts!
My girls - Erica and Sarah

Of course Drew slept through it all - what a Baby!!!!!!!
Josh helping Ben fix his tie - my Boys....
Sarah and her BF - Tiffani
Waiting to see Joe for the first time that day.....
Joe seeing his Bride for the first time that day... we cryed from the back....

Have you ever seen a more radiant Bride?
flower girls entertaining themselves during pictures - too cute!!
Cool groom Joe!
Who are the angels here?
Hartley and Dan
All dressed, pictures taken and church ready....lets get married!


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