Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hook em Horns....

I have a confession!

1. I watch football sometimes....

2.I am a University of Texas fan - Hook em Horns-don't tell -shhhhhhh
I have to confess that I love watching and pulling for UT these days. You must also know that I have a brother who is known as Mr. A&M Aggie in our town and my brother-in-law is also a Aggie. I can't help myself and I have confessed to them both and have been forgiven as long as I don't yell for them on Thanksgiving when THE big game is. I have my reasons I pull for the longhorns these days.
The coach's NAME is Mack Brown. That was my Dads name. He has to be a wonderful Man since his name is the same as Dads -right?

I also love to pull for 2 home town guys - Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley. Jordan went to the same elementary school as our kids and was my nephews (Wyatts) friend in 2nd grade - they played soccer together. Colt is from a tiny town south of here and went to a small school. Some of his classes at UT probably are bigger than his High school. I love the story of how they grew up together and are now playing football together and doing wonderful! I like watching sports if I know the story about the players or have a connection with them- then I am a big time fan!!!
Well it is official Texas is Better than Oklahoma because we have beat them both!! ( sorry Katy)but next week UT takes on Texas Tech and that team has 2 former Abilene Eagles on the team. I will just have to yell for all the hometown guys!
OK I better get back to my sewing and decorating and leave the sports commentary to some one else! Until next time


terri said...

Ok, we all have our fav's, but I forgive you for liking orange. We prefer the black and red and we have our guns up and waiting for the show down this next Sat.(Texas Tech vs Texas) This is going to be a great game and we all look forward to it. I personally think football is inspiring for ideas....I jot lots of ideas for projects. It's the only time I'm sitting in one place over 15 min. haha. I always have a good working list after a game. Keep up the good ideas and conversation. terri

klp said...

no need to apologize - as i tell all my friends that are fans of other schools, i just admire the passion! it's much more fun to watch when you have a team you, my dad might be a different story...he's probably the one you need to apologize to, since he is the one who raised me to love the sooners! hahaha!!

Jo Carol said...

OK, I am a Texas Tech grad, but I love UT. I love watching Colt McCoy and knowing what a fine, young Christian man he is. He is such a cutie. I am trying to get Mark to go to the game this week and buy tickets from scalpers. Maybe that could be my Christmas present!

Yarger gal said...
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Yarger gal said...

your grandson will be cheering for Tech (his mommy's alumni) don't want to disappoint him do you? ;)

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