Thursday, September 04, 2008

The cutest baby on the block....

Meet baby Drew Hudson Yarger - so sweet-just 1 hour after birth My boys.... That 6'5 big boy cryed like a baby when Drew was born. So happy to be a Dad!
Meet your biggest fan..... I loved him at first sight!
Josh gave Erica this Stars Hockey jersey from the baby
I can not tell you how happy, relieved and excited I was when I got up this morning. I started off going shopping! I had to buy some little boy clothes - Isn't that what grandmas do? I had so much fun opening the stores at Southlake - Baby Bliss and Jack and Janie - Then I had to get her some baby bundt cakes to take up to the Hospital!! I held Drew all morning when I got to the hospital and decided I just might do that the rest of my life. He has truly melted my heart and taken it away.....


annalee said...

drew is adorable indeed! so so exciting!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh, he is precious! And what a hip Grandma you at the coolest stores at the Town Square!

Congratulations to Josh, Erica, you, and the rest of the family!

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