Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wednesday...B- Day!!!!

Wednesday September 3, 2008 Baby yaya will join our family. After waiting -its seems like a eternity- the doctor will induce and nudge our baby out into the world. Some might say it will fit right in our family - a little stubborn, I like to think its very independent! Josh and Erica are ready and resting up for a very exciting and exhausting week. I told Josh this weekend - sleep now- come Wednesday you will never sleep again!

I am all ready to go on Tuesday night to welcome my grandbaby into this world. My car is full of gas, Camera charged and ready to snap photos, suitcase packed,phone charged and ready to make all the calls, end of month reports done and sent, store ladies ready to take charge in my absence , bella packed and ready to spend time with Brenda and doodles. All I need to get ready now is my heart. I have been so weepy lately thinking about this child and the responsibility of being a Godly grandmother. This baby won't have grandparents like I had or my boys had. But it will be loved by many,many family members and friends. There are all sorts of families and ours is a little different than what I was raised in - but still full of love. I know God will bless this child with just the right amount of love he/she will need. I have thought back on the last 9 months and relived and found more joy in these last months than I have had in a long time.

The day after Christmas when Josh/Erica called to tell me the news and I found myself laughing and crying all at once. The hard part was I could not share the wonderful news till the middle of February! I did not tell any one - no one - not even my sister who I tell everything to. But the fun of telling everyone and seeing their reaction was worth the wait. I will cherish these months of getting ready for yaya - the sewing, the constant prayers I have said for him/her and Erica,the baby shower, painting the room with the 2 excited parents. Watching Josh/Erica get ready for this baby has been such a joy. I have never met 2 more ready to be parents. I have laughed at them for their questions - even Josh calling all in a panic wondering if they should have their son(if it is one) circumcised? He also asked what was that? and was I? Totally serious and very concerned they would do that to any boy!! I sometimes wondered in these months how I ever had 2 children because I learned things I didn't know - I guess ignorance is bliss! I love those 2 dearly and know their child will be very loved.

I feel like I am embarking on a journey no one has been before - not me anyway! I have thought alot about my parents lately and wished they could be here to share this joy. Their first great grandchild, what a legacy they have left for us and it goes on.....


Yarger gal said...

love you and can't wait for you to be here!!

mary said...

Reading your post makes me feel the excitement and anticipation that you feel. I'll be asking God for a safe, speedy arrival - for you and the baby!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh Molly! What an exciting week! I've been thinking about Josh & Erica often...knowing the baby was coming soon.

I'm glad you told them to SLEEP now! Even though Ava is a great sleeper now, I don't even remember what sleep was like before we had her!

Our family for Ava is not what I grew up with either. We're a little unconventional, but Ava's cup runneth over! That's for sure. Family is family! And love is love! And Baby Ya Ya will be LOVED, and has an amazing family.

Have a wonderful day on Wednesday!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am so happy for you! You will be walking on tender white clouds come Wednesday! Best wishes and enjoy each moment.


Jo Carol said...

How exciting! i can't wait to hear if Baby YaYa is a boy or girl!! Please keep all of us posted with DETAILS. Have a safe trip and post ASAP!!!

terri said...

yeah for sweetie pie grandbabies!! Ours arrived the 25th, a week early. We were still a state away when we got the call that she was going to arrive that evening!! We made it to the hospital just as she was born and didn't miss a single precious moment of the occasion. SLEEP cannot be emphasized enough! haha. Good luck and may your camera snap with joy!!

Nancy Elaine said...

I just spent the last few days with my one year old grandbaby. I can honestly tell you there is nothing better in this world than holding your grandbaby.
God bless you all.

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