Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer reading...

I have taken some time to enjoy some books this past 2 weeks and would love for you all to read these books. I know some of you have already, but if not- go immediately to the library or to your local book store and purchase these books. I bought mine because I felt like they were books I would want to pass on, and keep in my library later. I am not going to tell you about these books because I think I would give things away but it will make you think about your life and just how we live it. For me I am not the same after reading them.

Check out my book shelf on the side of my blog.
Happy reading!


Jo Carol said...

Hi Molly! My daughter just read The Shack and wants me to read it, too!! We also read "Same Kind of Different As Me".....Is it just not the BEST??????????? Denver and Ron Hall will be speaking at ACU this fall. We plan on going to hear them. Wanna come??

Michelle said...

i also just finished "same kind of different as me" and "the shack" is next on my reading list! great recommendations! looking forward to tuesday!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I haven't read The Shack, but I've read the other two! The Shack will be next on my list after I finish a great little Beverly Lewis amish series Sarah Beth and I started in Florida. So good!

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