Monday, May 19, 2008

Masterpieces and Miracles...

I have been thinking and sewing and with each stitch- praying for my grandchild growing inside Erica. I can't believe it yet that we are going to have a baby in our family very soon(September). I have been thinking alot about my grandmothers and my Mom and the kind of grandmothers they were - the BEST. I hope I can be just like them, patient, kind, loving, fun and such a spiritual example to their grandchildren. My Mom was such a wonderful grandmother (Gan- Gan) to her 8 grandchildren. I have some mighty big shoes to fill and it is a little scary to me. I know that the first time I see my grandchild I will be filled with love and forget all the fears of being a grandma.

One of my favorite singers of all time is Sandi Patti and this weekend I was listening to a old CD and heard this song again. I love it and shed a few tears over the words - it is amazing the miracle of birth and all the plans God has for that little one. God has been so good to Josh and Erica - to think 2 years ago Josh had testicular Cancer and was afraid that children might be a problem - no problem for God!

Say a little prayer my friends for our baby YA YA and the Mom and Dad to be .


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