Sunday, May 25, 2008

An American Soldier.....

Sgt.Mack Brown served in WWII on a Hospital Ship. He met our mom when he came to Camp Barkley.

Msgt. Chris Yarger retired from
military service and served in
Operation Desert Storm.

Sgt. Wyatt Stuteville is boarding a plane this weekend to come home from serving a 1 year tour in Afghanistan - He will receive 3 Purple hearts for his service. He has also spent 6 months in Iraq.

Major Joe Moschello is a BI Pilot and continues to serve to make our sky's safe.

On this Memorial Day I want to thank the Men in my life who have followed the call to serve their Country. They all fought in different Wars in very different times - but the bond of a soldier is still there. The lives of these Men were forever changed because of the wars they served in, the sacrifices made - something I can not even imagine. I am very proud to call them my family and very proud of their service to our great Nation.


annalee said...

so much to be proud of in your family. thank you so much for serving our country!

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing that, Molly. And for sharing your family. We don't remember often enough that people are sacrificing their comfort, time with family, safety, that we can have ours.

Yarger gal said...

soooo honored and grateful to be a part of this family -- thankful to each of those men every day for their service and sacrifice. love you all!!

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