Thursday, July 21, 2011

My name is Molly…

and I am a Pinterest addict! Have you heard about the great new sight that is full of ideas? What exactly is Pinterest? A website created to organize and store the things you see online that you want to remember. Like a pin board or bulletin board, just digitally. So when you see something you like, you can just pin it to your board. Want to create a board about words to live by? You can. About decorating? Yes. About cakes? Yes. Anything!


I have given up magazines or decorating books and now I just look on Pinterest – AND I CAN’T STOP!  But oh the creative things I have seen and the list of “to make” list goes on and on and on-by the way I have a Board of “things to make” – see how wonderful it is? You can follow my boards at  Search my name and you can see what I have discovered. BUT I warn you to be ready to spend HOURS looking. Tip – just set a timer and then you can make yourself stop!!!!

             Happy Pinning!

                     Molly B


Katie said...

You're not alone in your addiction!! I absolutely love it. I've already copied several things I've seen :) I'll have to follow you!

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