Saturday, July 09, 2011

Callie girl…..

Dear Callie,

Happy Birthday Sweet Callie Jane! I can not believe you turn 1 years old today What a year it has been!

I’ll just let you know you had my heart the minute I met you. I had been waiting for a little girl my whole life – so you see I was very excited to finally meet you.


You are one lucky girl – God blessed you with the best Mom,Dad and big brother Drew.

DSC03291Just about 1 month after you joined our family you moved to Abilene. I don’t know if you know it or not but you are the 5th generation of our family to live here. It is a special place with wonderful people with hearts the size of Texas. I have loved having you just down the road a bit that I can check in on you and watch you when Mom and Dad aren’t around.

DSC03334Callie,I have watched you grow into a Happy Happy little girl – you rarely cry and always have a smile, and when you reach your arms out to me – it melts my heart! 

From the moment you were born you have had a bow in your hair- I don’t think I have seen you with out one! I love the way you keep it in your hair like you know that little girls are suppose to have bows!


Just another silly thing that Grammys love about little girls.






This past year your mom has become quite the photographer – you have an amazing mom! Some of my favorite ones that she has taken this year show just how happy you are.



SONY DSC You my dear are always up for adventure with brother Drew. You rarely meet a stranger and walk right into a room and take over. I love that about you.

I think my all time favorite picture of you this year has got to be the one your mom took of you eating watermelon. I laughed out loud when she sent it to me. You do like to eat and haven’t really met any food you don’t like.

photo Callie we have had a wonderful year together and I can’t believe you are 1 year old. My prayer for you Callie girl is a life full of Love and most of all laughs – lots of laughs. And always- above all- remember if Mom and Dad say No – I am just down the road-

                        Love you to the moon and back!

                                   Callie Girl

                              Happy Birthday



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