Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh the places I’ve seen….

I am part of a group of women – 50 to be exact that get together once a month and eat lunch and tour each others homes. We are called “The Society of the Preservation of Quaint Old Homes” I know that is a mouth full and a bit silly for a name –BUT we enjoy each other and love each others homes. It is the most creative group of women I have ever met. I look forward each month seeing what creative things my friends have done to their homes. I go home full of ideas and inspiration. Here is a walking tour of a few of the homes we have enjoyed this year.

We started the year off in Cindy’s bright back yard – a garden tour!

Amy's house in November-patriotic theme table


Sharon's house in January – full of Happy colors


Joanne's House in February we learned how to arrange flowers

Cindy's House we had a Tea Party and enjoyed her back yard – loved it!

Lennie’s country house was a delight-

   Every Quaint Home filled with friends is a true delight!


GardenofDaisies said...

Your homes are all fun and cheerful and beautiful! But how on earth do you fit 50 people for lunch??

Roxanne said...

Molly! Im so glad you did this! I enjoyed seeing all the houses very much! Blogging is going to be nice way to stay in touch~

love you!

bunnytrails said...

GReat recap of our SPQOH year!!

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