Sunday, May 08, 2011

Garden Tools for a Girl on her own….

I love to work in my garden and life is soooo much easier with the right tools. Let me share with you my FAVORITE garden tools for the do-it –yourself garden girl. Too bad these aren’t pink!

Mower-Black and Decker Electric Mower- LOVE this – I could not pull the cord hard enough(always pulled my back out too) to start a mover and I always needed gas.This I just plug in and push around the yard – much like vacuuming!


Blower – I wish they made these for the inside of our homes – hehe. Make sure you get one light- heavy ones hurt your back and too hard to carry around. I love this one- so easy for quick clean up!

084931841475lgDust Pan – This is not your ordinary dust pan this baby is 17 inches wide and it a life saver for picking up – leaves, leaves, leaves – can you tell I have a LOT of leaves? I just scoop them up and away they go!


Grown up Wagon – Every girl needs one of these – Love it to carry all things HEAVY! Soil, compost,mulch and I always put my flowers on it when I come home from the Nursery.

6933531200141lg So if you find yourself a garden girl on your own be sure to get these tools your might like gardening then.

Top 5 Reasons I Garden

5. Saves money(No Yard Man) – I remind myself that all the time I am sweating and HOT!

4.Exercise- great way to burn calories and sweat out toxins.

3.Creative – Its like decorating a new room

2. I love to see the beauty of the flowers,the sound of birds and the nurturing of seeds sprouting from the earth.

1. I  LOVE IT !!!!

Hope your  getting your hands dirty!

Molly B


Summer said...

I am an avid garden girl myself
.... As a matter of fact I was out there planting and pulling and watering and transforming my 2011 spring/summer garden today ....I feel very close to the LORD when I am in working to tidy up HIS creation and make it look it pretty !! ....Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day ....Rest well !!

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