Sunday, March 06, 2011

I did it my way…

Redoing a room( or 2 )can be expensive if you go out and buy new stuff. I couldn’t do that so I had real fun in doing it my way -on a very cheap budget. I shopped around my house and all the sale bins. I had a blast doing it that way – kind of a little game to see how cheap you can do it. Let me show you…

004 FP920_main

        pillows I made                               Ballards

I ordered 1 yard of  fabric from Ballards –Document fabric- and made 4 pillows for $25.00. I pieced some of my fabric  scraps together and embroidered  2 pillows to look a little like the one I liked from Ballards-free.

RR487_main  021

   Ballard Rugs                                     Pier 1

I love the texture of jute or sea grass rugs but- expensive.I found this jute rug at Pier 1 regular $69.00 got it for $25.00! I did the happy dance all the way home.

021 AB119_main

  Baskets from Kmart                     Ballard

I loved the look of the natural baskets under this white table so I set out to find some similar and MUCH cheaper – Hello KMART! I got all four for what one cost at Ballards.


                 Brown paper instead of paint

   I have always had a thing about brown paper –like the shipping paper or grocery bags. I decided to line the back of my shelves and that made the black and white stuff really pop! Plus it makes my heart happy to look at it. One roll of paper from Hobby Lobby $3.99 cheaper than a gallon of paint. See the books tied up in the shelf?  I bought 4 for $1.00 from the goodwill and I tore off the covers to just see the pages. I didn’t stop to see what the books were about or I might stop and read one – no time for that I have rooms to redo!

         Next time –my mantle – I am loving it!


Mary Kay said...

Molly, you are so creative! Every thing looks great! Love the pillows! I like that you are showing how cute stuff can be without spending a lot of money!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

I LOVE how your room looks!!
I have been wanting to
buy some of the document
fabric too but didn't
realize that you could
get that much out of a yard :)

Thank you for showing us your
beautiful room!!


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