Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The past 2 days I have been at a slumber party! First one in –oh about 35 years- but boy was it fun-fun! My friend Jana invited 16 friends to a send off slumber party for our dear friend Roxanne. She will soon leave us all behind and swoop into Temple and those folks will never know what hit them. A couple of months ago I wrote about the Friends that God sent my way – Roxanne is definitely one that left a BIG mark on my life. I was thinking about the marks she left on me lately…..

  • This 3rd generation Eagle rooted for the Cooper Cougars for the last several years- All because her husband was the head coach-hehe
  • She taught me to paint- one thing off my bucket list- I had always wanted to paint a picture and -by gosh-I DID IT! And not just one but several.
  • She describes herself as a cheerleader and she has been my cheerleader for sure- I hear her voice a lot in my head saying-YOU CAN DO IT!
  • She has Prayed me through some of the lowest days- And she is cheering me on to be the Godly women God has created me to be.

  Some people come into your life …and you are never the same…. I will never be the same because of my friend-Roxanne.

16 girls came together to spend a couple of days with our friend and share one more laugh. Slumber parties for 50+ are a little different than when you are 17!

  • Instead of talking about other kids we talked about our grandkids.
  • Instead of makeup trends – we compared home remedies for aches and pains.
  • Instead of talking about boys – we talked about the husbands we have and some we have lost.
  • Instead of griping about our parents – we talked about how we missed them now that they have gone home to  live with Jesus.
  • Instead of taking a walk to happen by some boys house –we took a nature walk to enjoy the birds, butterflies, goats and chickens and cute houses.
  • Instead of telling made up scary stories we told real life stories that WILL scare the jammies off you.
  • We reminded each other to take care of ourselves and have our check ups and stay healthy for our families and each other.

We talked, laughed,talked,cried, talked, laughed and had one great time with each other. Thanks Jana- I praised God all the way home this morning for the wonderful friends God has blessed me with.


Deirdre said...

Molly, I praised God all the way home this morning, too! What an unexpected, wonderful sweet little holiday. Loved sharing heart strings with you. Looking forward to a Canton trip soon!

Katie said...

How sweet! What a perfect way to send Roxy off to Temple! Glad you girls had so much fun :)

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