Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing a future….

Back from Bernina Land other wise known as Chicago. I had a wonderful (cold) week but very glad I live in Warm Texas. I am VERY grateful that I work for such a wonderful sewing machine company like Bernina. When I had my quilt shop I was a Bernina dealer and sold the machines then. I closed my store  11 years ago now and ended my time of selling Berninas. Never did I think, that I would end up  again selling the machines I love so much. I always told my friends that I just wished Bernina would open a store and let me run it. That is exactly what happened to me – they opened a cooperate Bernina Store inside Hancock fabrics and I was hired to Manage it.That was 4 years ago next week. I truly believe it was an answer to prayer for me and once again the Lord planning my life in a wonderful way. I have worked very hard at building the business up so Bernina would be proud and I could keep my job – I reached one of my goals last week! My store was the 4th highest in sales for 2010.I received a nice plaque from the President of Bernina

   I was very excited-to say the least- I have always set goals for myself and worked very hard in accomplished them throughout my life. Goals are sometimes very hard to reach – but this time we did! Yes I have made another goal now of being Number 1 this year – we will see.
Sewing has been a great friend in my life – I can forget everything when I am sewing and creating something darling- hehe. Sometime ago I ran across a saying that just spoke to me and something I needed as I was forced to recreate my life.
“The Best way to predict your future is to CREATE it.”
I am so thankful Gods plan included me working for Bernina once again it is definitely a future I am creating.
       HAPPY SEWING !!


klp said...

congrats! that is a big accomplishment! and it always feels so dang good when you get there, doesn't it?! made me smile to think of how much fun this must be for you. :)

bunnytrails said...

Way to go Molly!! I have always admired all of your sewing abilities. I guess it started when you had Country Pleasures and I would come in and attemp to to some of your crafts. I will never forget how you so very patiently explained (in detail) how I should sew whatever I was working on. You are a great teacher and example to all!

mary said...

Congratulations, Molly! I'm rejoicing with you and cheering you on to #1 this year!!!!!!!

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