Sunday, May 30, 2010

Party Girls….


Today is my Birthday – Don’t you just love your special day that you were born? I have always loved having a birthday – not for the presents but just the fun of it being YOUR day. I have had a lot of birthdays – 53 to be exact- EEKKKK! but you know I still feel the same as when I turned 17 and my wonderful friends gave me a surprise Party….


yep that’s me with the cake in front of me- no store bought cake for me – no way –Homemade and yummy!

My favorite birthday- for sure was my 31st birthday- the day my niece Anna Grace was born. I have a niece born on the 27th of May and the 4th of June – all I asked for was a little girl born on MY day – Anna did the job! What a fun day that was – she was the 4th child for my sister and the last child born in our family. I could not ask for a more precious niece to share my special day.

Happy Birthday Anna! Your 22 years old today and turning into a beautiful young lady !


Well I am off to kick up my heals- if only I could-hehe and do a little celebrating with my family. Looking forward to many more birthdays to come….


she dreams big! said...

Well Happy Birthday Molly B! Hope your day is full of fun, laughter, friends, family and most of all, presents! A little bling always brightens a birthday!

Katie said...

Happy birthday, Aunt Molly! Hope your day is special :) I definitely never forget your day since you share it with one of my fav girls!!

annalee said...

happy birthday party girl!

GardenofDaisies said...

Happy birthday to you! How nice that you share it with your niece!!

bunnytrails said...

Happy Birthday Molly!! Hope it was lots and lots of fun!

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