Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lost in the clouds…

I look at my blog and realize I have not blogged in almost a month? I think my head has been in the clouds.WHAT have I been doing? My time fly's when you are having fun and keeping your hands busy. Let me share a few of the things I have been doing.

Spending lots of time in my garden- I love being outside this time of year. My flowers are outdoing their selves this year. I have picked myself soooo many bouquets of roses(a dozen one day) I have never had this many wonderful blooms to choose from.

I come home from work and stay outside till bedtime- just enjoying the wonderful evenings.

Last weekend my favorite little guy came to visit and off we went to the Air show at Dyess. Drew Loved the airplanes and took them all in-

His favorite word was “WOW”and with the cutest little surprised look on his face. The thunderbirds were amazing once again. We had a great time watching the planes but mostly watching Drew !

I have been working more on my painting and have had two more classes. We have such a good time and I am learning so much! I am just about ready to try a painting on my own. The thing I have enjoyed the most is the way I now look at things around me and wonder if I could paint it. It has made me pay attention to my world a little more. Here are my latest two paintings.

      Texas Bluebonnets……Hydrangea in a glass

Today was our final luncheon of the year of Quaint Old Homes –it was so much fun-as always. Our little committee decided on the theme of “Shoes”. Everyone wore their favorite pair of shoes. Shoes were everywhere from cookies to centerpieces to paper shoes I made as favors. It was a wonderful day-

So you see friends I haven’t been in the clouds the whole time – just spending my time creating some other things! I have missed visiting – I will try to stay out of the garden and share the fun things in my life-

                        Happy May


Robert said...

OMG! So many cute pictures! I love the paintings, I really want a MOlly original! I love those beautiful B'1s! Drew's face is priceless!

Sarah Beth said...

OMG! I love all the pictures and cuteness going on! I want one of your paintings! I need a Molly original on our walls. That sure is a beautiful pair of B1s! Drew's face is priceless!

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