Monday, September 14, 2009

Hot diggity Dog….

Fall was in the air tonight and I got such a craving for a good ole fashion Hot Dog….Mine was a little different because I made mine with crescent rolls-like pigs in a blanket.DSC02244

As I sat eating my delicious hot dogs I had such happy flash backs of the Hot dogs of my life. I bet many memories can come to you when you eat one too!

Child hood cook outs with my family – many at the lake cabin…those were the carefree days…..


Some of my favorite were eaten Here.


in Augsburg, Germany where I lived in the late 70s. They were the best in my life. Hot on my cold hands and made with wonderful German mustard and homemade brot(bread). I would plan my walk and shopping around going by the outside brat stand in front of Woolworth to buy my lunch.

250px-Woolworths_shop_frontage They were stuck down in the middle of this roll so you could carry them easily and I usually got them to drizzle Mustard on them.

seudk0002a Good Sausage roll….


Then all the hot dogs eaten at all the baseball games I have gone to.What is baseball without a Hot Dog?Such

fun days with 2 boys….44025017

I am not sure it is the taste or all the memories it brings back to you that makes eating a hot dog so good…

Funny what A meal will do for you-huh? Oh the places it will take you- memories you can hold on to,for a lifetime.

Buy some dogs the next time you are at the Grocery – it will do you good-Turkey ones anyway!


mary said...

I, too, am a hot dog lover! Have you ever had a Lowe's dog (that's what we call them) from the stand outside Lowe's? Excellent!

Wilkinson Lynnette said...

Are you tired of me leaving you comments. I am having a great Saturday morning looking back at all your blogs and this one really hits home. When we were first married we ate ALOT of hot dogs!
Made every way you can make them. To this day it is still one of our favorite meals.

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