Sunday, September 06, 2009

Drews One-derful Party

(as told to my grandma Molly)

My parents don’t monkey around when they planned my first Birthday Party. It was a Monkey theme and there were monkeys hanging everywhere. But don’t take my word for it come on in and see just what we did on my very first Birthday Party.


I think my parents are the very best parents around – God chose just the perfect ones for me -they rock ! They have taken such good care of me this past year.


Man look at all the stuff on the table- presents, Cake and of course some monkeys! They like to call me their little monkey – I guess pretty soon I can start climbing some trees. Maybe my dad can help me….


My mom bought me this really cute monkey face – (but not very tasty )cake . They let me dig in – but I was a little confused because I really don’t like all that gooey cake icing on my fingers. I really liked using the cake decorations to eat with.


DSC02205 I ‘m just not sure about this – I have always tried to stay clean for you Mom…

DSC02204 You want some Dad ? I think I like my bananas better than this….

DSC02212 Oh what I do for these crazy people. I wonder why they are all taking so MANY pictures of me?


OK I have had enough of this mess – I am ready for some presents …. bring them on!!!


WOW mom I sure like all my presents – I just want to stop and read a little bit? CAN we?


I sure am glad Grandma Molly gave me this big wagon to hold all my presents…. I sure liked riding in it too! Oh the fun I will have with my very own new wheels.

DSC02230 Thanks Mom for planning such a fun first Birthday party for me. I sure am lucky to have 2 wonderful parents, 5 Grandparents, 5 great- grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles there too! I made sure to hug everyone and give out my wet kisses….

DSC02191 It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!


Thanks Grandma Molly for telling all about my party.. you sure do love me and squeeze me real hard when you have to go home. I will see you soon and we can go on some more walks with my new red radio flyer wagon!


Sarah Beth said...

Oh so cute!!! Looks like the little monkey got a lot of fun presents! I'll eat the cake for him next time!

Yarger gal said...

so cute...i'm just going to post a link to your blog!!

Chatkathy said...

Oh, my , how very precious your little grandson is!!!

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