Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spring Fever....

No I am not moving...just been to Canton and this is what our car looked like on the way home....
One man said it looked like we were going to a funeral with all the flowers! I said no just to my yard. I have not been to faithful with blogging lately - Please I have been busy planting, digging and redoing everything in sight - A girl has just got to go outside some and enjoy the outdoors! I spend just about every waking moment out side these days. I love spring and the coolness of the days and evenings.
Our trip to Canton was such fun- we took along the younguns! It is so neat to see them loving OLD things too! Of Course with out any doubt the first stop is ALWAYS- Laurieannas- heaven on earth. I just love her displays it could get a girl plum worked up to go redo a whole house.

We also stop at - Verandas - such neat stuff and I love her collage of fun things hanging on this mirror...
Look who Sarah ran into- her big sis from tri-delt days at Baylor - Mandy such a precious friend she has been through the years! And she was loving Canton too - just love it!
The younguns - Kedren, Anna and Sarah... Kedren bought a set of old pyrex bowls and she was sooo excited to find them in primary colors. Anna found a old pair of cowboy boots she just loved and Sarah bought a darling shirt and cute "Knick -KNacks "(I added that for Joes benefit) for her home.
It was a fun day of laughing, dreaming what it would be like to buy everything we wanted there and seeing Canton through the eyes of 20 somethings..... Its a great place for all ages.

I am off to get ready for the Quaint Old Ladies coming to my house tomorrow.... Oh the cooking, cleaning and digging I have done to make the day just as quaint as possible....I can't wait to share the pictures of it all.
Till then go have a little spring fever yourself.


annalee said...

oh how fun!

Roxanne said...

Molly. Thanks again for the wonderful fun we had at your house. It was truly a mini vacation. Everything was perfect.
I posted about your house. I know it was tacky to ask but thanks for loving me anyway!

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