Sunday, April 05, 2009

Girls just want to have fun.....

I have had several blog friends ask me what I have been doing because I haven't been blogging the last 2 weeks. Well I have been busy doing a few of my favorite things.....I must share some of the fun with you!
Helped with a Bridal shower for my good friend - Blessings and Baubles- daughter. It was a Champagne wishes and Cupcake Dreams affair and we had a great time!! Mckinsey gets married in May and I can't wait to see all the wonderful things the two of them have come up with. Amy is one Creative friend I am so thankful to have!
Visiting friends from Quaint Old Homes. We wore aprons and shared the history behind them. We even had Fried Chicken,Potato salad and for dessert- Chocolate Pie. Just like our moms and grandmothers would have prepared wearing some of these darling aprons, we now are lucky enough to own. They are coming to my house next month so I better get to cleaning !!HEHE
Welcoming back a few of my favorite friends.... my roses!
This is the first yellow rose on my climbing rose that has been growing for 2 years
I even got to spend a day wondering around Canton Flea Market with my sister and good friend Lavon. We had a great day being out in the gorgeous Spring weather! I was having such fun looking at everything I forgot to take pictures of some of the fun things I saw. My favorite place at Canton - hands down- Laurieannas! That girl needs to win a Prize for cuteness!!

Hope you have been having fun lately and doing some of your favorite things.....


Roxanne said...

Molly, I love your blog. It is precious just like you! I wanted you to know I just posted the Fudgey Chocolate Pie recipe on my blog. Did you look at Matilda Jane yet? Big hug!

mary said...

Since you mentioned cleaning, don't forget to call me - I am your slave for the next month. I owe you BIG TIME. (I'm not going to paint your house or anything, though ;))(Well, I will if you want me to.)

bunnytrails said...

I can't wait to come to your house next month. I am an "enlisted" hostess and will do whatever!! Have a great day!

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